Latest Fashion Trends For Chilly Sundays With Friends

Sonya Kukic
Jun 28, 2019   •  3 views

Going out with friends is never a simple event, no matter how close you are. Whether it’s a brunch or an early gathering, you’ll want to look your best. If all you want is an effortlessly chic and fabulous look, you’re in the right place. We’ve come up with a few outfits that will help you dazzle everyone even on chilly Sunday day.

You can’t go wrong with a dress

Dresses have become more popular as daily wear, so you're in luck if you like to wear these fancy pieces but you were accustomed to wearing them only for special occasions. Feel free to wear a flowy maxi dress with long sleeves to your Sunday gathering. Match them with ankle boots or even better trendy Balenciaga sneakers and top the entire outfit off with a timeless denim jacket. If you'd like to accessorize a little, a fedora hat and a pair of sunglasses will be an amazing addition. Have a little fun with your outfit and put on a maxi jersey dress with long sleeves. A pair of Gianvito Rossi leather boots will match perfectly, together with a colourful Burberry check wool scarf.

Jumpsuits are trendy too

This season is all about jumpsuits and utility looks, so feel free to keep the entire shindig relaxed and wear a stitch jumpsuit by Karl Lagerfeld. Make the gathering that more posh and pair the jumpsuit with your favourite Louboutin’s for the true touch of glam. A faux fur coat or a leather jacket could go flawlessly with an entire ensemble, putting a cherry on top with your designer bag. Prada’s small cahier leather bag is all you need for your outfit to scream fabulous. A blazer can substitute leather jacket easily if you want laid-back but still posh vibe. Roll up your sleeves for the ultimate classy effect.

Versatile jeans

When it comes to jeans, the options are endless. From mum to boyfriend, straight-leg to skinny jeans, the choice is all up to you and what flatters your figure the most. Consider wearing a pair of your Versace couture jeans with a white shirt and pair it with nude ballerina flats for a relaxed yet lady-like outfit. Alternatively, if you want to add some wow effect, put on a turtleneck cropped top, and a trench coat over it. Put on a pair of sneakers from the latest Balenciaga collection and don’t forget your favourite clutch or a cross-body bag. Accessorize more with dangle earrings and a fancy watch. For an urban ensemble, wear a pair of mum jeans, tuck a chunky mustard seed yellow sweater inside and wrap a red bandana around your neck. With a pair of moccasins and a Gucci belt, you’ll look as chic as ever.

Keep it chill with oversized tops

Baggy doesn’t mean frumpy anymore. Now, you can get out of the house wearing your comfy hoodie and sweatpants, and nobody would even flinch, let alone say you look like a homeless person. However, to tone down the comfy aspect to a certain extent, throw your oversized knit sweater over a suede Prada mini skirt and don’t forget the black tights. With a pair of biker boots and your oversized coat, you’ll be ready for another brunch with your friends. You still don't want to leave your tracksuit at home? Not a problem. Just grab a pair of ray bans, throw over a stylish coat and with a pair of boots you’ll get the ever-wanted laid-back and chic look.

Final thoughts

Sundays are all about chill vibe, but that doesn't mean you can't make it a little bit glamorous. Feel free to experiment with cuts, sizes and colours in order to achieve a fabulous fashion combo. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind for any future inspiration, but don't be afraid to go big and go bold if you want to look classy and fabulous.