10 Random Present Ideas For Your Sister

Sonya Kukic
Jun 28, 2019   •  4 views

It’s your sister’s birthday, and you have no idea what to get her this year, right? Well, your sister deserves only the best, so you should try to impress her and make the next gift truly special. Moreover, you should buy something you know for sure she needs or has had her eye on for some time and make it a wonderful surprise.

A book

You can never go wrong with a book. It is a universal present that will make everyone happy, and even better, it'll last forever. Just make sure you know her taste and go for the genre she enjoys reading. It wouldn't make much sense to buy her A Song of Ice and Fire books if she's a chick-lit kind of girl.


Every girl needs makeup, so save your sister’s money for the next month or so, and pick up some of her favourite foundation, mascara and blush. Look for the newest makeup trends, and if she's a true make-up geek, find out what product she's looking forward the most to come out and think about treating her precisely with that. Contour kits, blush, bronzer and highlighter kits and eyeshadow palettes will also be great presents.

A trendy bag

A woman can never have too many bags. Therefore, don’t think a second longer and get your sister a cross-body bag or maybe a nice trendy tote. Ask around and see which bag she’s been planning to buy for some time and surprise her with exactly that one. If you can’t find out, go with a neutral shade that she can match with various outfits.

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts somehow bring a much bigger value, so think about giving your sister a present that has her initials on it, for example. Consider unique personalised keyrings that she can always have with her and every time she looks at it, you’ll pop into her mind. Since they're made of leather, these keyrings will also be a fashionable accessory.

A phone case

You cannot have a good smartphone without making sure it's protected. Whether you're clumsy and you often drop it or you simply want to protect it from scratches caused by putting it on various surfaces, having a phone case is an absolute must. But make it interesting and fashionable and get your sister a marble-patterned mask, or maybe personalise it and have your photograph printed on it.

Cosmetic goodies

From body butter, foot masks, to face sheet masks, body scrubs, bath salts and moisturizing lotions, every girl deserves her own pampering kit. Get your sister a basket full of cosmetic goods that she can use every week when it's time for her to have some me time and unwind with a glass of wine and aromatic cosmetics.

A makeup organizer

If your sister is obsessed with makeup, and you've already bought makeup for some of her previous birthdays, she'll certainly appreciate you buying her a makeup organizer. Whether it's the one only for lipsticks, or the one with three or four drawers for storing various makeup products, it'll be a precious gift for your sister.


Lingerie is a classy and very thoughtful present. From silky undies to lacey bras, feel free to buy your sister a quality lingerie set. Silk or satin pyjama sets are another fabulous choice, alongside nightgowns and even silk robes they can wear around the house.

A necklace with her name

Jewellery never goes out of style so feel free to buy your sister a fancy necklace. If you go with the one that has her name as a pendant, it’ll be even more special. Charm bracelets, a set of earrings or even a chain necklace with a heart locket where she can put a photograph of her loved one(s) can be another great gift.

A boss lady planner

The key to good organisation is planning, so give your sister a planner and make her busy days less stressful. She’ll be able to write down all of her duties, meetings and errands, making sure she doesn’t miss any one of them and does everything on time.

Final thoughts

From makeup to personalised gifts, makeup organizers, jewellery, cosmetics and lingerie, there’s a myriad of choices for sister birthday presents. Go with the one that she can make good use of and that will truly make her happy.