Personal And Social Responsibility And Introspection

Sonali Singh
Jul 01, 2019   •  9 views

Self-motivated effort in order to direct decision making that will enhance personal well-being is called personal responsibility.

6 steps for taking personal responsibilities


Accept your mistakes. Do not blame others for it.


Understand what went wrong. how did it go wrong?


Apologize if its your mistake and make everything clear.


Try to fix the situation.


Make promises to avoid same mistakes in future.


Try to learn from the mistakes that you have made in the past.

Social responsibility

Accepting ideas and beliefs of others while also respecting and caring for peers feelings in order to accomplish a task is called social responsibility.

•Recognition and Acceptance of the consequences of each action and decision one undertakes.

•Caring attitude towards self and others.

•Sense of control and competence.

•Recognition and acceptance of individual and cultural diversity.

•Recognition of basic human rights of self and others.

•Ability to be open to new ideas, experiences, and people.

•Understanding of the importance of volunteering in social and community activities.

•Ability to engage in experimentation with various adult roles.

•Development of leadership, communication, and social skills.


Introspection is very important in one’s life. It is our ability to look at ourselves from a detached view point such that we are able to see the flaws in ours thinking, acting and learning. Introspection is the willingness to learn about their fundamental nature, purpose and the essence of their life. Self introspection also known as self speaking is one the greatest all time motivator that remains with you, within you! When you do something against your nature, an inner voice always warns you – “this is wrong, stay back”! There is constant conflict between your inner self consciousness and your outer self. It has a strong power to judge right as right and wrong as wrong! You cannot ditch it, never! You can hide your thoughts and perceptions from the world, society, your near and dear ones, but never from your inner self. Your consciousness is your greatest lie detector and comrade too! In life it is important to move with your desires because that is the first and foremost thing that makes you happy. Jonathan Simmon, one of the best basket ball player in the world. During school days he was drop out from the basket ball team because he is only 5 feet 7 inches. His coach told him that he don’t have any skills to play basket ball. But his desire was to become a basket ball player. He did not left that desire. Instead he started practicing basketball on his own and developed al the skills and during the last year of his college days he went to the coach again for a practice match and he has performed exceptionally well in that match. His basket ball career starts from there and then he joins Austin club and he started playing for Austin and Simmons said that during his time in Austin, he considered giving up on his basketball career. Self introspection is very important.



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