The way I overcame my fear

When I was 6 year old or so my dad used to take me to the pond near my house. He would throw me inside a pond so that I might learn swimming. As soon as he used to throw me inside the water, I would drown. This happened many a times. My dad tried a lot to teach me swimming. Instead of learning it, I developed a phobia of water. I was scared to go even near the water. So my friends used to tease me for not knowing how to swim. This would make me sad. Later on, I decided to overcome my fear and joined a swimming class. In the beginning as I started learning, I was very much scared. My heart was in the mouth. The fear of water haunted me a lot. In the beginning days, my tutor would tie rope to my body so even if I drown, he can pull me back. I started practicing twice a week but that was not sufficient. So, I decided to learn four days a week, still it didn’t work. Still I had to work on it. So I decided to learn swimming two hours a day. Everyday practicing of swimming helped me. I learned to swim. The fear of water did not haunt me anymore. My friends also didn’t tease me anymore. Finally, I overcame my fear of water. I didn’t have phobia of water anymore. I didn’t fear water anymore. I learn that no matter how big the fear is, you can conquer it if you have courage and determination. Having a positive approach towards life helps a lot in conquering fear. One should learn the ways to conquer the fear.

A how-to guide to overcome the fear

Following are the ways to overcome the fear.

Understand the fear

You should understand what is the thing that is scaring you? Ponder how it happened. Keep brainstorming. Think, how you can get over it.

Make short term and long term plans to conquer it

Make plans on how to conquer your fear because if you don't do it, your fear will keep haunting you.

Practice and focus

Once you are done with making plans you should start working for it. Work until you can haunt the fear. Keep practicing so that the fear will fear you. If you follow these three steps, you will surely overcome fear.