The way parents are treated

For a 69 year old lady, her children meant the world to her. She raised her children with so much of hope. After her husband passed away, she lived in the same house, but alone with those memories. She had 42% of the property in her name and rest of the property was divided among her two sons. Once the old woman went out of station, when she returned from the place her son locked the house from inside and threw all her luggage outside the house. For hours, the aged mother was requesting her son to open the door and let her in. The entire neighbourhood witnessed how a mother was being treated. People these days don’t treat their parents properly. There are many mothers like this. The son who learned to walk by holding his parents finger. He disowned his mother after he grew up. Parent's sacrifice everything when it comes to children, but what happens to the children why can’t they keep their parents happy?

Parents need love and respect

It is so regrettable to see how children hurt their parents. It is not easy for parents to withstand such a treatment from their children. Due to this many aged people are forced to leave their homes and sadly this is happening in large number. One mother can take care of 10 children but 10 children cannot take care of one mother. This is sad. Mothers who reared their children with love and care are abandoned by their children. There was a time when mother would cry if son wasn’t eating but now mother cries because son doesn’t gives food. This is such a tragedy.

India is considered different from the world

When we talk about Indian culture and civilizations, the three generations living under same roof, respecting elders sets us, the Indians apart from the world. India is the only country where we touch the feet of elders to seek their blessings. Millions of Indians begin their day by touching the feet of elders. But do all the elders get the respect they deserve? Don’t make them feel that no one cares for them. They are your parents, don’t treat them like strangers. They worked hard for you. Now when it is your turn to pay them for the hard work they did for you, you just walk away. There are children who don’t have parents, but then there are those people who have parents but they don’t care. Why is this world so cruel? Why are parents left alone? Why do children think them as burden? Why are they treated badly? Did they work hard to see this day?



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