Dreams are imaginary. It is something that revolves in our sub-conscious mind. If we keep thinking about something for a very long time we tend to see that in our dreams. Some dreams are very scary and some are very funny. Some dreams keep irritating our minds and it makes us feel like something bad might happen with us. These dreams have nothing to do with our real life situations. They have no connection with reality. They are just dreams and we should not think much about it. We should not get scared because of these dreams. We often hear people saying that they saw a dream in which they were a superman in that or probably a fairy. Young children say that they were in the chocolate world where everything was made of chocolate and they ate all the ice-creams and chocolates. This is only because these young children are fond of chocolates and ice-creams. They see this dream because they keep thinking about chocolates and ice-creams. The students who give their important exams surely get a scary dream.

No connection with reality

The day before the results many students get dreams of the getting failed in exams because they keep worrying about results. Students should not worry about the results if they have studied and gave their exams well. If the exam preparation was good enough there is nothing to worry about results. You will hear people saying that someone was chasing them or probably they are flying or falling from a height. In dream if someone was chasing that means in reality we are scared. Falling from a height means you are not happy with what is going on in your life. You will see old people they talk about the dream they saw and they keep thinking about it. They think about the dream so much that they derive a new conclusion and this is where superstitions start. People believe that there is some connection of dreams with real life. There's nothing to worry it is just a dream. Dreams are hypothetical. When you keep thinking about something you will experience the same thing in the dream. It is something that keep going in your sub-conscious mind.

The actual dream

APJ Abdul Kalam said that dreams are those which does not let you sleep. He was right. When you dream something, you work for it and try to achieve it. Dreams that you want to achieve should be realistic and not in the world of fantasies. You should have big dreams because big dream motivates oneself. To achieve success, dreaming is required. when you dream you understand your goal.