I am a student. I study in a good college and I live a good life. I have no connection with society’s issues. I am detached from the problems that society faces. While living life, many things stuck my mind. I try to forget them but I can’t. Even if I try to forget these things I just cannot do that. I read newspapers, watch television, talk to my friends and talk to many people around me and I realize life can be this painful.

I do care

On one side you will see new technologies, new inventions and discoveries and our country developing, which makes me happier and I feel proud to be an Indian. But on the other hand you will see strange things happening in society, like child sexual abuse, female foeticide, domestic violence and what not, which is a bitter truth of our nation. A truth, which all of us try to hide. I usually try to avoid this bitter truth and I think most of us do. When I think about this, it makes me sad. I should not think about it but it is not possible, neither for me nor for anyone of us. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have any connection with these things, so why should I care? But I do care. These things keep revolving into my mind. I cannot neglect them completely. Even I belong to this society so everything is connected with all of us. We all belong to this society so we cannot avoid these issues.

No answers

I wonder if Lokmanya Tilak, Netaji Bose, Maulana Azad were alive today, what we could have answered them? After looking at the conditions of our country, I am sad as well as speechless now. I have no answer to these issues. Is this what they dreamt of our country? While struggling for Independence, is this what our ancestors dreamed of India? It has been years that our country has got independence but did we really get independence? If we are facing consequences, then somewhere we are responsible for the cause because everything is connected to us. Our society faces many issues we often tend to ignore them rather than to fight against them. This encourages criminals. They get more audacious. We should openly discuss and tackle these issues so that we can come up with the solutions. Let’s join hands to keep these evil away from our society.



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thank you :)
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