Bada Imambara

There’s a bhool bhulaiya in Lucknow which is known as Bada Imambara. This bhool bhulaiya was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab. It was constructed when famine struck the kingdom and the subjects were in need of food. People worked here and in return they were given food. It took fourteen years to build this Imambara. The engineers have made it in such a way that it stands strong and tall. One should visit this historical place once in their life. One should take guide to go inside this Imambara or else might get lost. This bhool-bhulaiya has surprises at every end. It has one-thousand passages and 489 identical doors.

The Imambara is made such that when you are going upstairs this means you are actually going down and vice versa. This bhool bhulaiya has 1024 ways of going to the terrace but there’s only one way to come downwards. The infrastructure is such that if a person whispers on one wall and tells the other one to lean his/her ears against the opposite wall, he/she can hear what the other person is whispering. When you reach the terrace you will see the whole view of Lucknow. The architecture who designed Bara Imambara would have been really talented person. This is a major tourist attraction in Lucknow. One must surely visit this.

Chota Imambara

There are many more things to visit in Lucknow. There is chota Imambara which is located to the west of bara Imambara. It is a worship place for Muslims. It has a beautiful infrastructure. There is Rumi darwaza which was build between the palace and the city. It was build when famine stuck the kingdom and in return for the food the villagers had to work for this. The government of Uttar Pradesh built a park which is named on Dr. Ambedkar. This park is built in the honor of Dr. Ambedkar who dedicated his life for equality.

Chandrika Devi Temple and other places

Hussainabad clock tower is very famous in Lucknow. It is adjacent to Rumi Darwaza. There is a zoological garden in Hazratganj, Lucknow. Chandrika devi temple in Lucknow is dedicated to Goddess Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Ramakrishna math and Jama Masjid are very popular tourist places to visit in Lucknow. There is a place which is known as pearl palace. It is very famous. Memorial museum and picture gallery show us the how Nawabs of Lucknow lived their lives. One should surely visit Lucknow.