Beliefs That Small Children Have

Sonali Singh
Jul 01, 2019   •  7 views

You often hear small children making some predictions and believing them. As the time passes, they realize these beliefs were false. They literally had no meanings. Children are innocent, they believe what they see and what they hear. Small children are referred as an image of God. These are the beliefs that I had when I was a kid:

1) If a seed goes inside my mouth, the tree would grow inside my stomach.

2) I used to think that the weather forecasters had some supernatural powers so that they could tell the weather report.

3) I always wondered that I will keep walking in the direction of sun and one day I will reach near it.

4) I believed that the cartoon characters were real.

5) Whenever I used to see serial with my mom, I would think that they were really a family.

6) I always thought that if I don’t sleep early devil will take me away.

7) I thought fairies were real.

8) I always believed that people in the olden days were black and white and even the environment was black and white.

9) Whenever I went to school, I would see the teachers in the school only so, I would think that they live in the school.

10) I had a belief that sun rotates all day and goes back to his house in the evening.

11) I used to believe that god has a huge camera and lightning was the flash of it.

12) I used to think that all the dogs were males and there were no female dogs.

13) I believed that there is a world of chocolates and ice-creams.

14) I used to believe that moon was my maternal uncle.

15) I was told that carrot was good for eyes so I thought if I eat so many carrots I would be able to see even if I close my eyes.

16) I used to think that witches are real and they travel on the sweepers.

17) Whenever people told me that I can be anything I want, I would think of becoming a bird just to travel places.

Children should be taught how to think on a particular topic on what not to think on a particular topic. They imitate what they see and hear. So they should be in a healthy environment. They won't listen to what you tell them but will surely imitate you.



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