10 Secrets to a Happier living

Everyone has different answers to the above question and yes everyone wants to live a happy life. But why is it only some people achieve happiness in their lives, only few people are satisfied in their life? Being happy is not only smiling, laughing or giggling all the time. Rather being happy is to achieve internal peace in our life. But everyone knows life is two faced i.e.,we have to witness both sorrow and happiness. And it all depends on us how we can enjoy these two phases in our lives and make ourselves happy.

So, let's follow some easy steps to a happier living.

  • Meditation

Meditate daily for staying away from tension, depression, workload because meditation is the best exercise to attain divine peace. It's a good mental exercise which is very important to be happy.

  • Helping

Helping those who are in need is a good mental exercise. So, let's keep our mobiles aside for some time and instead of sharing posts on helping poor people let's help them in reality.

  • Achievement

Fulfilling all our dreams in real life is still a dream for many of us and those who achieve it they are hardworking and lucky as well. And it's all because of one mantra, “Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on ground”. Those who mean it they achieve real happiness in their lives.

  • Get together

Spent some time with your family and friends and keep your work aside, just for few hours. Share your worries, happiness everything with your family. And you will definitely get a mental relief from all your tension and anxiety. Just for once avoid the order of “cranky” Boss and celebrate your weekend.

  • Respect

It's said “ Respect is not for granted, it's earned. So, respect everyone be it a kid or an elder. Because in this era everyone craves for respect. Respecting your parents and teachers is the foremost duty of yours.

  • Believe

Believe yourself that you can cross all hurdles in your life. And thus you will be able to cross the dilemma of those two roads which Robert Frost talked about in his poem “The road not taken”.

  • Health is wealth

This is the most relevant saying to acheive a happy life because health is the treasure of life. Without good health we can't achieve anything great because happiness is equivalent to health. So, stay fit and fine always.

  • Avoid anger

Though anger is the natural emotion. But over anger is the enemy of humans as anger destroys everything relations, happiness, work etc. So, stay away from angry people because they are more like monster than humans.


It's said “ Hard work is the key to success” and I say “ Introspection is the key to happier life. Because everyone here is busy and thinks only about himself or herself.So, introspection is a must for everyone because we can be happy only when we know what we are, where we are and what are our prior plans. And this can only happen when we would be able to introspect ourselves.

  • Live in the present

For being happy it's very important to live in the present because if are worrying about our future and regretting for our past then we could never achieve anything. Because “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your stability, you have to be active”. So, don't quit even in your difficult times and just focus on your karma, you will definitely be satisfied.

So,these were some of the ways to be happier in your life. Never be upset with your life even though there are many twists and turns because important is how we cope up with the situation and enjoy the beauty of life by staying happy and cheerful.



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Beautiful article, please check out mine
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a good formula for a happy life
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It's really helpful.. 🤗