It's not always that you cling on to something. To be clinging the thing should be very worthful. It should be what you diser to have, you should be afraid of lossing that.

The most hold on thing is relationship, it can be any mother, daughter. Father son or father, daughter. And husband and wife any even sometimes friends you just need to find your desire to cling on them to hold on tight not to lose on any condition.

If you cling on a mountain your hands will be tired, there will be pain in your body, your arms will be in an unlesent physical condition, you will be tired at a point, you will have injurys both mentally and physically. You will lose grip sometime. But get and hold tight. At some moment you will be exhausted, felling like shit the scars to climb up the mountain will be both on internally and externally on your body.

But as soon as you come up to the mountain all will be worthful, your pain will be there but it will show your efforts, you will cry but out of happiness. You will have that thing that you had desired from a long and that was yours but you have to reach there with all your heart, sometimes the tabels would not be on your side but you have to wait patiently for the tabels to turn your side.

The key to have something that you had desired is cling on tight, be positive and never ever give up. If you have a fight, an argument so that's not the end you can't walk of any relationship just because of some stupid reason. If the person is worthful cling on that person tight dont lose grip.