Animals are killed for both meat and products. Every year, millions of animals are killed for Clothing Industry . Approximately 35 animals are killed and skinned to make a single coat. Many big brands kill millions of animals all in the name of fashion.

TOP 10 ANIMALS KILLED FOR CLOTHING - The ten poor creatures that are mostly murdered for garments are :-

1) Silk Worms - Silk worms are boiled alive to make a silk thread.

2) Seals - Every year hundreds of thousands seals are killed for their fur.

3)Foxes - Mostly foxes are killed for their fur.

4)Rabbit - Rabbit are reared in captivity and sheared using very cruel methods to get angora wool. Male rabbit have lower wool yields than do female rabbits.

5) Lambs - In some places lambs are killed in their mother's womb, even before being born. This is supposed to obtain very soft, smooth fur known as Karakul.

6) Chiru - These animals cannot be domesticated and so are hunted and killed for their fur.

7) Dogs and Cats - A lot of fur products are actually sourced from cats and dogs. This fact is hidden from consumers. It may be labelled mongolian wolf, but you may actually wearing man's best friend!


Many products like accessories, jackets, bags, shoes, interior design from bike parts, crayons, beer, perfume, nail polish, lipstick, animals glue etc are the products which are made from the animals skin.


Plenty of people eat meat and wear leather without any guilt. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods. They donot even kill the animals. The animals are still alive when they are skinned. Fashion should not mean blood and death of anyone.