India Vs Pakistan: When Patriotism Hits Puberty

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According to Wikipedia, “The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most extreme and intensified sports rivalries in the world.”

Yes you heard it right: there is a dedicated page on Wikipedia on this topic and the above mentioned line is the very first opening line of the article.

The cricket matches between two countries have always been a topmost issue for both the nations, whenever it happens. This passion is obviously emanated from the bitter relations at the border and the Kashmir and terrorism issue. Folks get a chance to kind of live their fantasy of war between both the nations.

A brief history of this ‘extreme and intensified rivalry’ would help you to understand things better, do read this short article on Wikipedia:

What happened? I’m sure you must have felt sad when you discovered how “short” the article was!

Even Wikipedia seems very passionate about India vs Pakistan, isn’t it?

This limelight and ardent support is due to the emotions people tend to have in both the nations regarding the match. They see cricket matches beyond just a game and start behaving as if the dignity of the whole nation is at stake. Every boundary, every wicket becomes a reason to celebrate or to denigrate.

What seems even more interesting is how patriotism is exclusively felt on these occasions only. We as Indians are most of the time ashamed of our identity and blame others or the government for all the ill components around us. But whenever this auspicious occasion seems to happen, all of us start idolizing the cricketers and paint our lives with the tricolor. Otherwise, we are just colour blind!

There is no doubt in saying that concept of patriotism and nationalism in our country exists primarily due to Pakistan, at least for the civilians.

Stop getting so emotional, stop behaving like a fool

Ultimately it’s just a game, don’t lose your cool

Stop getting so patriotic, for heaven’s sake

You just envy them; your allegiance is so fake

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