The sole purpose of every human being is to be Happy some find it and some keep searching.

Happiness is something which is different for everyone.
Someone might be happy to buy an expensive car,
For someone going shopping is happiness,
For some India winning a cricket match is happiness,
For some traveling is happiness,
For some their home is happiness,
For some family is happiness,
For some being alone is all that they want,
For some love is happiness,
For some their job is happiness,
For some someone else's happiness brings them happiness!!

So the basic motive is that everyone wants to be happy in life and they find their own ways to be so.

And those who are not happy, crib about things they don't have rather than seeing things they have.
A rich guy maybe sad because he can't buy Rolls Royce,
A middle class man maybe sad because he cannot afford his children's education abroad,
A lower middle class man maybe sad because he cannot afford higher education for his kids or buy a car,

A poor person may be sad because he can barely arrange food for himself and his family,
And an even poorer person may be sad because he cannot buy food for his family every night and some nights they have to sleep with an empty stomach.

So problems which you face are very small or not even a problem compared to others so forget all that be happy and help others to be happy as well because the sole purpose of life is to be happy !



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