The Life Of An Indian Teenager Pt 2

Shuchika Biligere
Jun 17, 2019   •  56 views

Hello and welcome back to another episode that can be viewed at the brain box of yours according to your imagination level....

So we were talking about how that crush level was only a talk of the past.. I'm sure you want to know what happened and why it ended without any further magic to it, but to know the end, we need to start from the beginning. So again , behold my fellow humans and jump right in.

It was December 25th 2016, (wow that sounds like the beginning of a saga ) , yes it was Christmas eve, the teen's family was invited to a party that night , remember we read about the business her father holds ? Yes it was related to that. A semi formal party where families were invited .

That was the first time this Indian Teenager ever laid her eyes on this beautiful looking human specie , yes we are talking about ' the crush '. And none of the things related to a love at first sight happened ! No heart pumping louder , No butterflies , No eyes popping , No wind , No SRK music , hmm hmm , none of that happened . Damn Karan Johar , why you doin this to the youth man, like why so many unrealistic expectations. So she probably didn't realize that it's the guy she'll be crushing ( let's say falling for) soon. But one thing happened for sure, admiration of the attitude that man portrayed. In fact every thing about him was really charming .

She found him on social media and they became really close friends like their fathers were and held good communication along with a good business relationship. Untill she found herself being so drawn to conversations with him. This is not that story that lasts for 3 days , this was a heart that took it's time , and as the old saying goes , good things take time. But also good things dont last long either... As the business contract between their Fathers was coming to an end, things did not turn out well, misunderstandings had them hating each other which eventually broke these kids apart, kind of tragic I know .

But Indian kids love breaking rules , they spoke even after their parents weren't in good terms, he did express his feelings towards her , but never told the magical words. Neither had she ever told. So basically this was not a love story . This was a beautiful crush story. And that is the beauty of crush stories, they make your heart feel so good at the safe zone.

The crush , He had a tough time later on, he had discoveries about his family that shattered him, he was having much ado in dealing with his own life and therefore left India , left his family and went abroad to start new. And that is how they lost touch with each other. Also to her , her parents meant everything , and going beyond a father's will is not something an Indian daughter does, because we are all raised to be ladies of value , not the man's girl. That is typical to another level !

But I can get, that even today , somewhere at the back of her mind, she thinks how things could be all nice and dreamy , how her dream kiss ( She dreamed of her first kiss being in Paris in front of the effile tower ) would have been if things went all right. But yet again , we live in a universe that ain't sugar coated . So reality is that they don't speak to each other anymore , No contact , absolutely almost out of each other's mind, and that is life , you can't force anyone to be in your life beyond their ability. But they will always have a special place for each other. (I said good things take time , but best things don't happen at all, that's life )

That is exactly why I wish all teenagers knew the value of feelings. Especially , the first few feelings of everything, be it talking on call for the first time, be it your first hug, your first kiss, your first date, these feeling are things that you would have never felt before and things that you will remember for a life time , because it is not about the person , but about how you felt . Therefore my advice is , chose your first really carefully , because if you dont you'll make all these feelings stay in you as a bad memory and not things you will cherish, all that sparkel and fireworks will become your nightmare. And Our Indian Teenager knew the value of this therefore she still waits for her first love story to actually happen, secretly hoping that it would be with the man who gave her a crush story !

Now as we get back to her on going life, it's time she decides what she wants to do for a career and a degree now. As a kid, she always aspired to be a civil servant . Her mother wishes that she'd become a doc , her father supports her dream for Civils, because he rooted it in her while she was a child , now what will our Indian Teenager do ? Will she become Dr Indian Teenager? Or will she be Indian Teenager, IFS ? But as I told you , she's a girl that loves her parents , she will not be able to disappoint them, so did she turn out as Dr. Indian Teenager, IFS ? To know stay tuned and please show the same support !!! Hey, but don't think she turned out to be a nerd , things took a massive turn in her life too. Things changed, people changed, how did our teenager Handel it , will be given in ' The Life of an Indian Teenager part 3 '