If you are wondering or probably guessing that this is going to be yet another teenager cribbing about a broken love story or about school pressure , you are highly mistaken. All of us are tired of cliche stories, so fasten your brain cells for this one, this is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions (not sad) and a lot of excitement through your spine !

Well Hi there, I'm glad you made it till this line, because no one is usually interested in a tiny human's life. Also thankyou and please continue.

It was the 18th birthday of this Indian Teenager, let's name her .... forget it , Indian Teenager gives us the vibe so let's stick to it. At the strike of midnight , there were lots of people lighting up her phone, which soon came down to a group of four of them talking. Yes we call it conference call, we definitely didn't learn that word in school . That's why we need friends you know. Anyway about this girl, who is all the more drowned in excitement, was the youngest in the group to turn 18, so she was now telling her girls about all the things that they would do as young adults.

It included things like , how they will go on a trip to Manali in their first earnings , how each one will get ready for their college lives ( because school was about end ) , about how they would sleep under the stars and talk about how their future plus one, and all of those things that every girl's heart would run a mile for. It was a beautiful night and this concall ended at about 2 AM . Now you know that this friendship was real strong.

Waking up next morning , the Iteen was showered with a lot of surprises , form friends , family and ofcourse fake relatives who show up at this time because they don't want to make it obvious once for all that they are just waiting for your board exam results , and mind you she studied in the ISC board the 11th and 12th , and ofcourse she had a lot of people tell her how only marks matter and not the knowledge, so she rather do a state board syllabus and get what's needed, but she chose the power in reality called knowledge. On this day while the traditional cake cutting ceremony happened , she whispered a promise to her mother that only her best friend understood , who was standing across the tabel, and giving her the smile ( smirk I mean ) . Now what was that whisper ?? For that you need a small back story.

Her father ran a joint business and had a friend whose son studied in this particular famous college .... And did you guess ? Yes she crushed on him. That is maximum level an Indian teen and girl can reach. The crush level . Nothing beyond , so she also had a desire to get into this college , yes that was the promise she made to her mother, that she would see herself as a student of this college in the mere future.

Well, the birthday was over, and now we come to the point where the board exam results are out and she got a 83 percent that is with best of four subs. Tragic enough to not get into the college her only crush existed in, and what's even better is that her crush kind of liked her back ( the least probable thing in the universe had just taken place, but the universe is also not sugar coated . It's sadly hydrogen ) Now that is the fate that didn't want them together probably ( fault in our stars much ? No fault in her marks ! ) . But now it's all just a story to talk about from the past...........

Dear reader , this article is part 1 of the amazing life of this teen. It exceeds the word limit therefore, I would kindly request you to encourage me to write more about her life , which will come out as ' The Life of an Indian Teenager part 2 '

She is a girl that believed in the power of the universe, filled with dreams that woke her up every morning even without the requirement of an alarm clock. Has so many desires , be it a passionate love that would consume her, or a job that would give her the pride ( to her parents as well ) She definitely did not have any of this at that point of time . But she knew how her story was going to end, If you are interested in knowing if she got the love she desired ... or if she reached the limits she set for herself.. stay tuned. I promise to not disappoint!

- Your Indian Teenager!!!