Stuck In The Mystery Of Time (Pt:1)

Shuchika Biligere
Jul 13, 2019   •  78 views

Dear diary ,

Today is the 10th of September, yes, happy birthday to me. It is the first time after mom and dad passed away that I have done something on this day. They would not want me to be sad on this day, so I decided I'm going to move out and get a change. I got myself a house, in the middle of Virgiana, it is not an urban area, neither is it a rural one, to be honest it is a very abandoned place, that is exactly what I need. Moving away from all the human sympathy and mourning. The owner of the place told me this house was last occupied 5 years ago. The next person to move in is me. I visited the place yesterday and found it very amusing. Not the house but it's surrounding ! Not many houses , in fact all my eyes could reach was a farm an old man owned by the roadside. Apart from that a lot of trees and a lot of land covered with grass.

Well there is also a pool kind of space, but that place smells so bad, the owner promised to have that fixed in a month.

As long as I don't open the back door of that house , I'm good.

Time to start a new life.


I stood there in front of a mirror for what seemed like forever, although it was only 5 mins staring at the bags under my eyes. I wish the new place that I go to will give me a better vibe. I got out of my room after wearing a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt and saw the empty house. It is as if the silence was going to eat me up, the house I lived in for 23 years, is now empty. I know I will come back here once I'm mentally able to embrace the reality. I drove myself to Virgiana which was a 2 hour drive from my old house. I stood there in front of the building debating to myself .

Did I make the right choice?

I'll never know unless I give myself into this. All the boxes that had my stuff were piled up in the drawing room.

Before I decorated this place with my belongings, I decided to look around once again. I ran upstairs and walked in and out of both the rooms. Both had their own closets and a bed too. I decided that I'll keep my belongings in the room that was closer to the stairs.

I walked down to get my things and once I had them all upstairs, I wanted to know how much the closet could fit, so I opened it to take a look. When I opened the closet, to my surprise it looked like someone who used to live in this place didn't care to take their things with them. Well, it was just a few pairs of shirts and shorts, and a dress that seemed like it belonged to a girl who was in her teenage, not too young either, umm maybe around 17 or 18.

I just shoved the clothes into one of the boxes I had just emptied without taking a look at them, when I moved the clothes I saw that there was a flat box, a big, but flat box , as if it was a very large pizza box, which was kept there unlocked.

Interesting! I thought as I dusted it out of the closet. When I opened it, I seemed like personal belongings of the girl. I was taught manners to not intrude but if it was really personal, she would not leave it here. I opened the box and wow to my disappointment it was an atlas, and a geography note book along with other gift wrappers and chocolate wrappers .

I laughed at myself remembering how I used to collect these stuff too. Well when I still had the box on my lap , a cockroach came crawling up making me throw the box up in air and scream. Hey don't judge, I may be a 23 year old woman, but I'm still human and have my own fears okay.

After I calmed myself down, I stood up to put back the things that fell out of the box, that's when I noticed that there was a very peculiar looking sheet. I could not control my curiosity, I had to read it, just like you, I was not expecting anything on this too, I thought it would be a piece of the notes, but when my eyes feel on something interesting, it made my heart skip a beat.


I'm sorry I can't stay,

I left it in the kitchen closet.


- Alex

- It read, why it took me by shock was because it had my name on it. What were the odds ? The girl that lived here before had the same name as I did. And what was left in the kitchen closet ? And what are these numbers ? Who is Alex? Maybe her dad ? What if the 'thing' this man speaks about is still there ?

I could not wait anymore,I ran down the stairs to the kitchen. My kitchenhad only two cabinets and one tall shelf. I see no closet here. How stupid of me. I just read something out of a girl's old box and took it too much to my head. Maybe the loneliness is doing this to my brain.

Thinking the same , I walked down the hallway from the kitchen to the drawing room, it was a long 10 feet hallway, maybe the owner didn't want the smoke from the kitchen into the house so they built it a lil away from the drawing room.

While I was walking, something told me to just check out if there was no closet once again, just to make sure you know because I don't want to have a mystery closet which probably had an army of cockroachesin it.

I stopped and turned around, I was now facing the door that led to the back of the house and the kitchen was on the left of the hallway. After the kitchen there was a nearly5 feet long hallway which led to the door of the back area, where the pool, let's say the old pond was.


While I was walking, I could see a rusty knob, wait there was a door, it was right next to the kitchen but not very obvious because first the place had very poor lighting, as the only source of light was the door which had only a little glass part and a small window in the kitchen which gave me the view of the 'pool'.

I opened the door only to see a lot of webs and a... a pocket watch? Not a regular one for sure. It had a dial and a keypad for numbers on the back and then the first thing that came to my mind was the numbers . This was a huge pocket watch , it was the size of my palm.

I looked at the numbers again from the sheet which I carried in my pocket and pressed it in accordance , well, okay, not really, because I missed 4 and pressed 5, so to correct it, I pressed it again making it 15547 instead of 1547.

I expected something to happen as there was a little tension that surrounded my brain.

Well after a min I was again feeling stupid, because nothing happened.

Feeling a bit at ease I walked into the kitchen to get some water and sat on the kitchen counter and just looking at the window outside ... lost in my thoughts for a few mins when I saw a girl walk towards the pool, I immediately jumped up and and took two steps forward and leaned on the opposite counter to take a better look at this trespasser.

That's when I felt my stomach sink, she was dragging a short man who was dripping blood from his fingertips.

She dragged him to the pool and flipped the body and watched it go down.

I gulped down the water as sweat appeared on my forehead and now I can hear my heart beat loud and clear thumping against my chest.

She started walking back and... What was I looking at, she looks like.... she looks exactly like me. Only a little younger. This was definitely a nightmare. The watch that I held in my hand now dropped to the floor breaking the silence inside the kitchen.

I took it up and ran out the kitchen and upstairs,

as if my life depended on it. I slipped on a step but hastened as fast as possible and dashed into my room and locked it and stood there facing the door as I breathed heavily. I slowly turned around and I saw a reflection of myself. No wait there is no mirror in my room yet, the room looked different and as if everything was from my teenage,my guitar that was on the ground and the carpet that my mom got for my room in the house I used to live in.

Thats when the door of my room opened and ..... I was seeing myself, only with blood stains on my shirt and.... the alike looking figure walked towards me and said ...

' don't worry , the future will be better '

The next thing I saw was my eyes blured and I crashed hitting my head to the floor. The fear of the horror took away my senses.