Lost In The Mystery Of Time (Pt:2)

Shuchika Biligere
Jul 14, 2019   •  36 views

I shot open my eyes, immediately my heart started beating so fast, I tried to convince myself that it was just a nightmare as Iie here looking at the roof. 'That was a nightmare, none of that ever happened' I repeated these words to myself again and again as tears rolled down my eyes with a pain in my chest. My eyes are burning as if I had a fever. It was getting difficult for me to breath. I got up to allow myself to breath.

Wiping my tears off so that I can see clearly, I looked around. I was still in the room. Where did all the boxes go? I noticed that the room was so dirty, with webs hanging in the corners and the smell of dust, the window pane was broken. It was absolutely empty, the bed was gone, it looked like as if it was a room that never had a human come into it for years now. What is happening ? Where is all my stuff?

Trying to comprehend everything that was happening, I stood up. I noticed something fell just as I got up and looked down, it was the the pocket watch. I froze looking at it, lost all the colour from my face and became pale as my hands started becoming cold.

I cursed under my breath knowing that none of that was a part of my imagination. I saw whatever I saw, for real!

I stood there for what seemed forever. With fear taking over my thoughts, my hands and legs felt so weak.

Only one thing I knew, staying here would not help me anyway. I lifted the watch and looked around for the piece of paper that had the numbers. The room was completely empty, the only things that were there was me and the watch.I didnt find the sheet. I took a deep breath and opened the door of the room and rushed down the stairs only to see the house was completely empty and dull, all the polish was gone. I slowed down and stopped on the staris, pinched myself, i looked down at my hand to see I had a braclet on my hand. It was a gift from my parents on my 18th birthday, it was an 18carat gold charm braclet. But, how on earth did it come on my hand? I never wore that for a long time. The tattoo I got on my hand after my parents death was not there anymore.

Baffled with all these thoughts I started walking downstairs and dashed out of the door to see my car was missing too. I stood there breathing with desperate voices inside me dying to know what's happening.

That's when something buzzed in my pocket. I immediately took it out. I was now holding a phone I used to use back in my 17s and 18s, I immediately opened it and read a message which gave made me stare at my phone as if saw a ghost. It read

'new message from Alex'

Oh my god, this can't be real. I'm so confused! where am I? I was looking at the screen with tears dripping from my face on its own. The screen went off, I was still looking at it and now I could see my reflection against the black screen of the phone.

What am I looking at? I look so young, as if my face was fresher. There are no bags under my eyes, my hair is shorter. I touched my face and then looked down at my won body, I felt just an inch shorter and my clothes were a little dirty and they didn't look the best on me.

Wait, I'm younger. It's this time when I didn't have a sense of clothing and wore just anything at all and the time when my life was a perfect fairy tale with all the peace.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I opened the message to read the message I had just received.

"Crystal, hurry.

They are after you.

They may kill you if they get hold of you.

Get out now and head east. Run as fast as possible,I'm reaching there, but it will take me a while. We need to get to the church to stop them."

What? Who ? Kill me? What the hell? Who is this guy? For all I knew, I have come into a parallel universe right now. Where maybe I'm just still 18 years old and am definitely not in the nicest situation.

I obeyed the orders in the message, I looked to the left and then to the right wondering which east he was talking about ? Then immediately I noticed the direction pivot and ran in the direction it pointed east.

Why was I running? I don't know! I ran as if a mad dog was chasing me. My legs were hurting, my eyes blured again and again because of the tears that kept on flowing down, I kept rubbing them off again and again with the sleve of my shirt as I ran for about 10 long mins when I noticed a car pulled up from behind.

This could be help. What if it was the danger ? I took a look once but had to keep running because there was a probability that it could be danger too.

Not before I heard my name loud and clear,

"Crystal get inside!"

I whipped my head when I saw a man, actually a boy. He was in his mid... I don't even know, too much to comprehend. As my feet came to a rest,I looked at him ..

"Alex?" I asked with utter confusion because it is the first time I'm seeing this man in my entire life.

"Yes , now get in, c'mon faster" he yelled back.

I did as he said and jumped in.

He drove real fast that I could feel my whole gut pressed down.

I had a million questions but my mouth failed to open and ask.

He said 'we need to stop them, we need to stop them' in a whisper that I could barely hear.

That's when I opened my mouth to ask..

"whom ? And who are you? What am I doing here ?" I asked all at a go.

He just looked at me for a sec and fixed his eyes back on the road.He ran his hands through his hair with a frown that took over his face and said..

"Crystal I'm Alex what is wrong with you ?" I still looked at him in confusion .

In no time we were in front of something that looked like a church from the distance. There was a long road that lead to it and we were driving towards it. I felt like this situation had to do something with my memory. So I shut my mouth trying to remember this face.Maybe the hit on my head when I crashed made me lose my memory. But I could remember things too.Ohh universe, I cried in my mind...i was intrupted from my thought when I heard a loud deafening sound and flipped my head to the front and the car stopped with a jerk that I almost hit my head to the front counter of the car. I gasped so loudly when I looked up and saw the church in front of us was blown up, hungry flames of fire came up from the place making a huge could of smoke above it and the walls crashed . There was a wind of force that blew out of it with another deafening blast that we could feel even the car shake a lil with that force.

I watched it with utmost shock, with my eyes wide opened tears running down faster now, I could hear the screams in my mind trying to tell me something. I felt as if someone that mattered to me was also there. I slowly turned to look at Alex,he was looking at the picture with tears running down from his wide opened eyes , his frown now changed to pain.My heart broke as I saw the sight.We sat there in the car watching as he flames ate up the place completely for half an hour.

I looked down at the thing in my hand. I knew for sure it is this pocket watch that brought me here. I knew that I don't know a part of my life where I met this human right next to me who now looks really shattered. I remembered how I typed the numbers wrong. I had to type it right, maybe it will answer my questions..

So I took it in my hand and dialed....


Next thing I knew, I was in front of a grave, an empty grave. No, there was someone, I could hear the sobs. I walked a bit further and saw a man crippled up with is keen brought closer to his chest and head burried in his arms.

I walked closer and laid a hand on his shoulder, when he lifted his head and turned to me with his red puffy eyes..




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Great..it was amazing❤❤
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Oh my god !! I was hooked up to the plot till the end. What an amazing story! 🙌🙈
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it was awesome... doo check out my articles too :)