"The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes". This is the archetypal denotation of Feminism . The people who have wholeheartedly supported this are called feminists . In a country like India , where women are profoundly worshiped , we find no scantiness of self claimed feminists . The question here is ,'Are the feminists in the true spirit of feminism or are they misled by feminazism?

"You are a lady. You have to sit with poise , walk with grace and speak with purpose, else, you are not desired". There was a time when these words were taken into consideration and reflected out. That is precisely why women like our grandmothers and mothers are the way they are, but today we cannot welcome the words of advice that are followed by the words ' because you are a girl/lady '. That is unambiguous.

The project feminism was given it's voice in our country in the recent past , owing to the unacceptable and negligent conduct shown towards women in most parts of the country. Mentioning 'most women' , but not 'all women' is stating that there have been women who did not require any further improvement in their lives because they were already in with the swing , and such are the women who stood up for the others in need of them.

Sad reality is that feminism is back to the place where is is just a word. This is because of that 'feminazi' woman who thought she could have her way by using the word feminism . Feminism gives a woman the rights to do what she desires , according to a feminazi. Dear feminazi , the Indian constitution had already bestowed upon us the human rights in 1993. It's time you discern this certitude .

What is wrong in being a women with utmost "ladylike" manners ? Nothing . What is wrong with being the "bosslady" in order to get the task at hand done ? Nothing . What is wrong in being the "wife material" to a gentleman? Nothing . What is wrong in being a women ? Absolutely nothing. Then where is the wrong done ? In how women were being treated (and in some parts of the country are still being treated that way) . That's what feminism was about and still is . Femisim was where women and men stood for one another and for women who did not get enough of the equality they deserve even with the existence of a solid constitution and Universal declaration of HUMAN RIGHTS . It was and is to help those women who were not able to practice their rights because of the suppressive behaviour posed on them by the animals around her.

Feminism was not for you who wanted the seat in the public transport from an old man who was already sitting there , it was not for you who wants to use an appaling language in public regardless of the place you are in , it was definitely not for you who thinks that the word feminist gives you the right to be an animal. You can be whatever you want to be , you can be all of it even without using the word feminism . Dear feminazi, kindly stop deviating the pure intentions of the project feminism . The purpose is to not feed your already existing privileges, but to feed those who lack it. Kindly open your eyes to humanity and serve as a human if possible , but definitely don't be an animal. This is a humble request. But in the end you choose who you want to be .

Thankyou ,

yours truly

- a feminist .