Other People's Opinions Don't Matter

Shubhangi Singh
Jun 30, 2019   •  129 views

Do we pay too much attention to other people's opinions?
If the people we hardly know or the people we don't care about give an opinion about us, why is it SO hurtful? How many times have you been told by someone that you're not talented enough to "make it". What were the bona fides of that person? How do they align with your goals?

It is a human tendency to feel highly upset or let it effect to some greater extent when someone (known or unknown) makes an opinion on you. But here's the thing, you can't control how people think about you. It's a non-starter! You may think you can, but know that you can't. And to use up brain power and energy stressing about doing so is exhausting. Give it up, now.The simple fact is you can be the most fabulous, kind, warm, wonderful human being but someone, somewhere will not like you – for whatever reason. People choose their opinion based on what their brain tells them.

There may be a few reasons why people give uninvited remarks and views on any person. The people who are concerned with what others are doing are usually insecure people who haven’t yet found a way to embrace with grace all that life created them to be. And because they feel lost and disconnected from their Truth, and their core, they talk, not because they have something to say, but because they want to be heard. They want to feel acknowledged and they want to be seen. Their opinions come from a place of insecurity. When you’re busy living and loving your life, you have little or no time left to talk about what other people are doing. And if somebody is concerned with who you are and how you are living your life, it’s only because they don't have acceptance to their respective lives.

Let me ask you a very important question..

How often do you stop yourself from doing something or hold yourself back because of being concerned about what other people may think of you? You wished to do something but took a step back. When I professionally started writing on social media platforms, it took an act of huge courage and effort to go for it and it took me a year. What was I doing delaying it? Well, the very same reason that I was too afraid of what people will think of me as. Will they like my work, my opinions or not. I should tell you an interesting yet obvious thing that there will be people who WILL disagree upon your views or your perspective. What matters the most is whether you are believing in your opinions and what do you think of them regardless of anyone else. Remember that there is only one person whose opinion matters. And that is YOURS.

Others opinions should never be more important than of yourself.

Kuch toh log kahengey. Logo ka kaam hai khena!