Adorable Things Only A Sister Would Do

Shubhangi Singh
Jun 28, 2019   •  13 views

Guess who is the one person that has an uncanny ability to both irritate you and understand you even at one look. The one who could say I hate you and not mean it all because deep down you both know it actually means love. Of course, It is your Sister! Here are some adorable and bittersweet things only a sister could do. You will stumble across relating to one of these things.

  • Share her wardrobe with you: Girls with sisters especially of around similar age has the greatest advantage of doubling their wardrobe. Don’t have enough clothes? Fret not, steal some cutesy dresses of your sister and you are sorted. She wouldn’t even mind (sometimes). Her closet is your closet.

  • Giving advice on dating: There are times when she backs you up if you get late after a date. Whether it’s a bad breakup or to decide those gifts for your boy, she got your back.

  • She understands your low moods: Ever got a random hug from your sister when you came back from a bad day or those times where you needed a shoulder? She was there for you opening her arms.

  • She knows everything you have been through: The good, the bad and the struggles. She knows everything and won’t ever judge you for it.

  • She is the only one you would fight and she will still be there for you at the end of the day. You never have to doubt her love for you.

  • She is the perfect person to lure mom in for your demands: Whenever you get scared of talking mom out to let you go on that Goa trip, she would come to your rescue and as we know it parents listen to the older sibling.

  • An SOS would make her come running to you: If you are in trouble she’s the first one you would call and she comes right on time.

  • She would keep your secrets locked in till the end: Tell her everything and anything she would safe keep it within a heartbeat.

The bond we share with our siblings is unconditional. It is that tom and jerry realtionship where you can't do without each other and can't keep up with each other.

She’s the Monica to your Rachel. Always with you growing old together.