Hot oil massage:

It is an inexpensive luxury which is capable of relieving the aches, strains and tensions.

Hot oil treatments act to be an inexpensive luxury.

They can be either home made orbought from the shop.

The types of oils that can be used are Sesame seed oil, almond oil, olive oil,soybean oil or grape seed oil.

Hot oil massage for the head and scalp:

It nourishes the hair,The oil does not only conditions the hair shaft, it also helps in stimulating the hair follicles, causing the new hairs to grow.

The oil is heated by immersing it in hot water.

Once the oil gets sufficiently hot , some of it is poured in the palms of the hand and rubbed together to spread .

Then the fingers are placed through the hair onto the scalp and massaged using a circular motion .

This stimulates the roots of the scalp and hair.

A full body massages is also done.
It brings lasting relief to the tired and painful muscles.

It helps in relieving the backaches.
Black seed oil massage makes the person to get rid of the rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Aromatherapy oils are commonly used oils for body massage therapies.

Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage therapy.

In this therapy, the massage oil or lotioncontaining essential oils like highly concentrated plant oils are used.

All of these essential oil used in aromatherapy, have different properties. For example, some of them make the body feel calm and relaxed .

Some of them energise the body.
During the aromatherapy massage, an individual inhale those essential oil molecules or absorb them through their skin.

This therapy promotes beneficial changes in the mind and body.

It does this by affecting the limbic system which is a region of the brain that influences the nervous system.

Hot oil massage to the human body offers the following restorative qualities:

  • Suppleness of muscles get increased along with the flexibility.

  • Bone strength get enhanced.

  • Muscles get toned and tightened.

  • Eyesight get increased.

  • Relaxation is achieved along with a restful sleep.

It is also considered that Ayurvedic massage –

"Hot oil massages"improve the blood circulation in the body resulting inenhanced functioning of the organs of the body .

People also believe thathot oil massage helps to enhance the immunity of the body thereby making it better able to withstand the infection and diseases.

Oil massage is done to the earsalso which helps in alleviating stiffness in the neck and jaw areas.

The sense organs like hearing, vision, and the olfactory senses get invigorated through massage on the scalp and ears.

Hot oil massage to the feethas following benefits:

Through massage with hot oil the rough and dead skin of the feet gat alleviated , and ligaments get strengthened.

It helps in reducing the foot fatigue and numbness.

Massaging the soles of the feet helps to withstand the problems such assciatica pain.