We are so busy in our day to day lives that we have neglected the true meaning of this word. Are we really happy in the way we are living our life? Do we do anything without motive like just to make our soul happy or what we truely want? Happiness blooms from within. If people do what they really want and not out of pear pressure the true happiness will reflect their soul.

Why don't we wake up everyday with a smile and strong positive vibe and say that "today is my day". Until we do what we really want or makes us happy, we are never going to be happy. We should have the power to accept who we truely are and do not change anything about us. The feeling when we strike off something we wanted to do for such a long time from our bucket list is just surreal. Isn't it? That is true happiness.

For me, sneaking around the kitchen at 2 am and then raid the fridge for that tub of ice cream which I wanted to have alone when everyone asleep is happiness. I mean sitting alone in your bedroom doing anything you like and having ice cream is amazing! I know its cheesy but who cares? The smile with which i wake up the next morning is what I crave for everyday. I love to do things which makes me happy. No one else matters then.

Energy travels faster than communication. If you are happy inside, you can make someone else too. "Be so happy that when others see you they become happy too". We should be with people who makes us happy. We do not have to pretend to be someone who we are not. Be with someone who makes you smile and will do anything to bring that one smile on your face. Life is too short to be at war with yourself.

Sometimes happiness is not just a feeling, it's a decision. Happiness is feeling good about yourself without the need of anyone's approval. Nothing makes you happy until you chose to be happy. Happiness is when you celebrate each and every moment of your life and be grateful for. So lets just all be happy and make the world a better place to live on. Whenever you someone passing or talking to you try to greet them with a smile and it will a huge difference for them and for you. It will make your day that you were able to make someone happy.