How Getting A Dog Changes Your Life

Shriya Agrawal
Jul 31, 2019   •  129 views
Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterwards, you can’t imagine living any other way – Caroline Knapp

I have never been fond of humans much. As a child, I would either spend my time giving human-like names to toys or reading comic books with my mom. There was something about fiction that gave me solace. I had a limited set of friends and I spent most of my time with my toys. I spoke to them and told them stories about my school and how I made new friends but that they'll always be my first priority. I had just seen 'Toy Story' then and I genuinely believed that toys are living beings and they just "pretend" to be toys in front of us. How I wish that were true! I would sometimes even tip-toe in the room quietly in the hope that I'll catch them talking.

Soon, I grew up and got lesser and lesser time in hand to spend with things that made me feel alive and happy. There was a void inside me which no friend or family member could fill in. It was then that I met my best friend for life-my dog. I never knew this simple decision would have such a great impact on my life. Just having him rest his little head against mine, gave me the assurance I never knew I needed. Waking up to his licks and sharing omelette with him became a part of my routine. Evening walks felt alive again and coming back home to his wagging tail gave me the strength to endure monotonous college days. By just knowing that he's there with me made me sleep well at night. In his eyes, I could see how he believed that I was a great human being and that honestly made me want to be one for him.

You might think that my dog is fortunate to have found a loving home but I assure you it's my life he has blessed. Every day I learn something valuable from him. The greatest life lessons explained with sheer simplicity. Right from loving someone unconditionally to trusting the one you love, there are lessons learnt just by simple observation. There's a quote in one of my favourite movies which says, "Such short lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.” Every time you leave the house, your dog trusts you to come back, silently waiting outside your bedroom door with a sock in his mouth which he stole from your cupboard in the morning while you were getting ready for work. They do this every day for the rest of their lives tirelessly. How many of us could do that?It is this compassion and patience which makes them far more superior to us.

One day he lost his toy in the garden and spent the entire evening looking for it. He sniffed the complete garden again the next day and found nothing but this did not make him miserable. Every day he would look for it with the same enthusiasm he had on the first day and his failures never made him lose hope. It was probably one of the biggest lessons I learnt from him. None of those moral science lectures made me explain the importance of perseverance the way he did.

I also admire the dogs' ability to get over things rapidly. So many times, I have accidentally stepped on his foot and found him brushing it off like it was nothing. It's almost like he knows the importance of forgiveness and moving on in life. He realises that life is too short to waste time holding grudges against the people you love and care about. If only humans were half as forgiving as them, what a wonderful world it would be.

Dogs understand humanity better than humans themselves. They are the most adorable creatures who add so much life to the people around them. They are selfless, loyal and the best therapist you'll ever find. They might not know your language but it is their eyes that speak your dialect.

If you have never owned a dog, please adopt one and see how they change your life for good. I promise you some of the best memories in life.

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend... never owned a dog


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Yes, they are honest and innocent. I had two dogs earlier in my life. Both of them are no more but I still carry their love in my memories.
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A dogs love knows no bounds. I am sure they are happy wherever they are.
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Very good.....nice expression of feelings and experience..keep it up.
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Thank you uncle 😊
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It's amazing
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Thank you
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You are right it's true to hv a dog is really like Magic
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Yes it is 😊
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It's really sounding good
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Thank you papa 😀😀