Bentley University - One Of The Best Universities For Students Planning To Study In Abroad.

Shreyas Aravind
Feb 21, 2019   •  11 views

About College:

Founded in the year 1917 in Boston, by Harry C. Bentley a pioneer business

educator Bentley University one of the nation's dominant business schools

devoted in preparing a new-kind of business icon and one with deep technical

calibre, a broad global viewpoint and high ethical standards needed to make a

difference in an inconstant and variable world. For the fulfilment of their goal,

they have infused their advanced business syllabus with the distinction of liberal

arts education. Graduates making an impression in their fields and turning their

dreams into success epilogues are the results of the various steps taken by the

University which has ensured in the overall development of the students as well

as in the administration.

Business knacks and experiences are hot commodities nowadays due to the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Considering Bentley University for higher education amongst the students nowadays has been on a rise. Bentley University which is a private and non-profit institution furnishes the pupils with relevant, empirical and conveyable expertise with an innovative blend of business, technology and liberal arts. The wide range of

programs in functional areas such as accountancy, finance, management and

liberal can be chosen by students for their prosperous growth in future. It is

located in New England Campus which is just minutes away from Boston,

Bentley University promises to be a high-powered society of leaders, scholars

and creative thinkers.

Student Population :

It comprises of a student body of more than 4,200 Undergraduate students and

1000 Graduate students. A prominent number of 24% of these students are

international students coming from more than 82 countries. The average

undergraduate class size comes to strength of 26 members. It comprises of

approximately 81% of full time undergraduates live on campus with the

International students representing nearly 16.7% of this population. Coming to

Graduate and PhD enrolment they consist of an average 21 members per class

with PhD students consisting of 24 members. A prominent number of 44% of

the Graduate students including the PhD students comprise of International


Quality Teacher Emprisement :

Bentley University maintains a healthy student-teacher ratio of 14:1.

More than 276 full-time and 184 part-time faculties work in the University for

the Betterment of education in the students. They work at both Undergraduate

and Graduate levels. In these numbers more than 82% of the faculty members

have acquired a doctoral degree. It has a record of 99% students being hired or

accepted to graduate programs within six months of graduation. It has more

than 100+ clubs and organizations for students whereas in athletics it has more

than 20 divisions I and II teams, its women's basketball team holds the #1

position at NCAA Division II National Champions.

Within and across the business and the arts and sciences its mission is to tutor

inventive, moral and social conscience organizational leaders by creating and

circulating effective knowledge.

Vision of the University :

Bentley University's Vision is as follows:

1. As a business concentrated hub of schooling that operates in ethical and

socially engaged society it wants to make its mark nationally and


2. Distinctive amalgamation of business, arts and science to generate

graduates respected for their professional and societal contribution

throughout their lives.

3. Building on educational and impact full analysis in accountancy,

business ethics and information technology by popularizing principled

and transformative enterprise.

4. As a fascinating colleague for centres of teaching and innovative

excellence worldwide, Bentley University is highly endurable in

resources and scale thanks to its many achievements and accolades.

Belief of the University :

Bentley University's beliefs are connected by adhering to their following values

by which they provide a healthy atmosphere in the classrooms, residence halls

and places of work. Their values are as follows:

1. Diversity.

2. Integrity.

3. Responsibility.

4. Courage.

5. Excellence.

6. Teamwork.