Vidmate is basically an Appstore which lets you download application which are not available on play store. It is primarily used for downloading videos mainly from YouTube. The app provides you with trendy videos, latest movies, music based in India; all free of cost.

Vidmate specifically provides you with-

Videos- Vidmate allows you to watch videos in different resolutions and lets you download it to your device. You can also share this content to different people through other social platforms. It also provides you with banned videos.

Apps, news, comedy, there are various types of categories available

Provides you with every app that gives you access to unauthorized services and there can be a possibility that they are specifically designed to hack your data.

Why Vidmate is banned on play store?

Vidmate violates the policies of google

Due to copywrite issues a few warnings were given by google before it was banned.

The app promotes illegal downloading of videos from popular sources.

Google is against piracy, so every video downloading app is banned.

Is Vidmate harmful?

It is an illegal app that lets you watch and download banned videos. There is a strong possibility that this app contains harmful virus and malware that are designed to steal your confidential information. Though there are many people using this app that does not believe it to be harmful.

Even if you are using the app you need to take necessary precautions. Never let the app have access to your personal information.

Personally, I would suggest you to stay away from Vidmate.

Some Other Apps Banned By Google Play Store

1. Terrarium TV- The app provides you with thousands of latest shows and movies. It doesn't require any sign up, subscription or payment. The app provides you vedios to watch online or for downloading in HD quality. It has multiple language subtitles. Almost all old and latest shows and movies are available.

2. Tube mate- This application lets you download you tube videos free. It's give you many resolution options and is compatible for every Android user. The app is user friendly and stores all the vedios in your memory card.

3. 9apps- It is like an app store which provides you with all the Android apps. It also let's you download many banned apps and games. It operates overseas and has its presence all over the Asia.

4. New Pipe- It is a open source media player app that is absolutely free. It is only available for Android users and is considered as the best alternative for YouTube.

5. UC browser- Currently UC browser is one of the most used web browser in over 150 countries. It is available in many languages. But it is seen that the people using this app have experienced data security threats.

Note- Piracy is a crime and should be avoided at any cost.



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