What's Scary, Is Also Beautiful!

Jan 13, 2019   •  231 views

I know the title made you open this article a little more curiously than otherwise. But what's down there will trigger your brains to try looking in this perception.

What is marriage? A bond, a commitment, a lifetime contract of sharing life with another person, a responsibility? Definitions are too many.

Recent weddings of Ranveer-Deepika, Priyanka-Nick, has astonished everyone. From their destinations to their reception parties, their attires and the couples themselves are envied.

People get married because they're in love with eachother and decide to celebrate it by sharing their lives together. Some fall in love with their spouse after marriage.

Falling in love is destined. But some people run away from it, decide never to commit or simply put, they're scared of getting married. But little do they know that what's scary is also beautiful.

A lot says, its girls who are afraid of marriage because of the idea of living with another family, starting their own family, coping up with everyday life in a slightly different manner.

But men are the one's who are scared of marriage the most. They fear the additional responsibility that's about to be put on their shoulders. Even if men find their "woman of dreams" they do think wise, thrice before committing to marriage. They also fear that may be they'd fail to keep their lady love happy and do not want to spoil what they have.

But men out there, please try to understand, that the woman you recognised to be the one from your dreams will also make your life easier, just dream like. The trust you put in her when you fell in love with her and chose to confess, it's exactly the same amount of trust that you must put in her at the time of marriage.

It's not men alone, women too hate marriage at times, or hate it extremely after getting married. At first the beautiful jewellery, the dresses, the shoes and all the attention a bride gets, helps her drool over the idea of marriage or being married. But once it is over they start missing their spinsterhood. And that's what gives rise to new discomforts of living together, sudden confinement of space etc.

I am not criticising men, but some also retrieve from the idea of marriage wondering about the expenses of the wedding. Well it's just a one time affair or expenditure. It is going to be your day and you'd do your best to make it the best.

It's simple to understand the other, just imagine yourself in their position, how you'd react, or simply take their reaction to be your own and imagine what reaction you'd expect and accept from the other person. If that seems appealing to you go for it, if not try to think a little differently and that'll solve your problem or prevent a new problem to arise.

Sometimes locking your ego for a while does no harm, or at least try your ego differently. Try hearing out your other half and speak only what's good (atleast to your own ears). This will add a little point to your ego. Never let anger take over your mind and your thinking abilities and always, always, always keep your voice soft and low.

In addition to these, I'm sure every couple have their own custom first aid kits. Pick them up real soon, and sometimes a little early before the emergency.

I hope this article helps.

Remember, what's scary, is also beautiful.