Did you ever feel thirsty in spite of drinking water?

Were you ever in a famished state though you’d eaten just a whole ago?

Did you urinate quite often?

Were you in as state of fatigue easily?

Did you consider consulting a doctor for the same?

And the doctor asked you to undergo blood tests- which resulted in claiming that you are diabetic?

And as the story goes the usual way, you were put on medicines & drugs and more sadly, you were asked to stay away from sweets!!

All the sugary foods, drinks, sweets, along with rice and other carbohydrates were forbidden for you.


What’s the need for all this?

Your body needs sugar. It needs food that is turned into glucose.

Why is there even a need for giving up certain foods which are just regular in nature?

It is the same food that you have been eating all your life, since you were a child. So now all of a sudden the diagnostic blood tests show there is an increase in the sugar levels of your blood and so the sugar is forbidden for your consumption.

Your urine is tested, and there’s an increased amount of sugar level in it. So what?!!

The contaminated glucose is being eliminated from the body via urine. The body now needs the good glucose to function normally. That is the reason you feel hungry more than usual, in spite of eating on time.

It is your body, it knows what it wants, and it’ll inform you about its needs. And that is what the body is doing by feeling starved and thirsty. For the bad glucose to get eliminated from the body, the kidneys function faster than before, so you urinate more than usual.

Why do you have to put the body on medicines and inhibit the process of elimination?

When the medicines & drugs for diabetes are consumed, they inhibit the natural process of elimination which is done by the kidneys. The bad glucose is assimilated in the body itself which later comes out in some other form of disease.

First of all we need to understand and believe that diabetes is not a disease.

Several ages ago, the name did not even exist. Yes,it was definitely coined much later. But in the past too people experienced such conditions, they did not undergo any tests or put themselves on any medicines. Yet, they survived for long. Longer than any man in today’s generation.

How did this happen?

It simply happened because the people then did not mess with the nature’s way of body’s functioning.

They provided the body with its requirements. They rested sufficiently in such conditions. Ate regular food. And did not put themselves on medicines and drugs. More importantly they did not test their blood or urine. And they continued to live healthy.

So in today's world too it is simple to live a healthy life without any medicines or drugs.

Just allow your body to perform is tasks so assigned by nature. Provide your body with all its requirements. (I do not consider the cravings). But the nutritional requirements that your body demands.

Let me give you a simple guide that you can follow to not fall prey to the need to consume medicines & drugs.

 Eat when you’re hungry. Do not overeat. Stop when your body asks you to Stop!

 Drink sufficient amount of water in order to stay hydrated and to maintain homeostasis in the body.

 Sleep early. Your body needs rest, and it needs you to shut down all your jobs and relax. Both mentally and physically. So sleep early so your body can get sufficient rest, also it will perform better the next time.

 Do not strain yourself over anything.

 Listen to your body. It will never mislead you. Listen, follow.

 Exercise regularly. Not a hefty one at the gym. But keep your body active.

The above mentioned tips shall help you live a healthy life naturally because those are the exact things nature has taught body and when necessary the body will demand for it. And it is your duty to fulfil it.