Letters have something special in them, they are special in their own way. In a way they are the memories and feelings of the people that we can keep with us, always... and ever......

The Letter

Dear Mehika,

I know I shouldn't write to you. What if your mom found out?
But I hope she'll excuse this yearly letter even if she did find out. After all, our day is coming soon.

You do remember, right?

I've never liked traditions... you know that.
But every year, on this day, you gifted me that chocolate, our favourite one... Dark Chocolate. Just enough to stimulate the taste buds with its mild bitterness and the tangy cranberry bits, hiding in the folds of the rich creamy bar, exploding in the mouth, leaving it with a tingling sensation, leaving it longing for more...

I long to meet you, I know you wish the same. And until we can meet, let this chocolate remind you how much you mean to me.

So, this year I'm sending you this chocolate... half of it, shared by the two of us..., like every year.

I've known the combined magic of your smile and a square of this chocolate. Together, they have given me wings to fly with angels, when my demons tormented me.

Don't worry I remember what I promised you on the day we last met, the day they forbade me from meeting you. Our ties were cut that day Legally, but what does love care for the law

I don't cry missing you every day
I don't cry thinking about you every day
I don't cry remembering the happy days every day
It's hard But I don't cry... How can I? I promised you I won't. But our day is near and the wave of memories hits a little harder than usual this day. And it shakes my mask off. The day after that I'll put it on again and act brave I promise... But just this one day, let me miss you, Let me hope that my tears would heal our bond.

"Happy Father's Day, Dad..." whisper it into this letter and it'll reach me.

Yours warmly
P.S. Not more than a square a day... It's bad for your teeth.

Thank you.



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