Simple, Straightforward, Seamless Access To Travel And Beyond Information Which Ultimately Inspires To Travel

Shivani Jain
Aug 19, 2019   •  2 views

User Experience is fairly an abstract concept. The website/application experience for a particular user may be less like a tool and more like a personal assistant to get the job done at ease. Hence only Such Personalization experience results in enhanced user experience.

For me, a website /application cannot be like one size that will fit all my approach. The website/application enhance user experience only if

•Its content be original and fulfill my need

•The site must be Usable

•Attractive to eyes

•Credible Source and trustworthy

•Positive feedback and customer review

As a user when I came across MakeMyTrip website and application it satisfied my experience at all levels

•Single interaction level wherejust a click away to book for my desired trip

•Journey level wherein right from search to completion of trip acted as a supportive travel guide

•Relationship level as the interaction is always active due to pocket saving deals, discount coupons, customized vacation packages round the year.

Constantly Evolving

Makemytrip understands the various scopes of experience and strives hard to optimize the experience at all levels so that they are ahead in the race to minimize friction and misunderstanding and begin smoothly for a realistic user journey catering broader scope travel experience. Its constant evolving techniques of what information their users are keen to find and to what extent they are able to direct them to the right card or the screen. Constantly Strive hard to serve the most relevant cards depending upon current user state and drafting website such a way that user come back to website/ application.

Humans possess extremely sensitive peripheral vision, which is an evolutionary trait of human beings. The theory states that humans developed this vision as stone age beings used to rely on hunting which means they always had to be on their toes watching for quick changes in the environment surrounding. Makemytrip after studyingsuch human traits incorporated features like single input field,call to action button,enhanced attractive icons, entire tour accessible in 3 clicks and most importantly drafting ofbest offers, holiday possibilities, destinations, similar destinations, best dates to visit, events etc only after customer social proofing along with monitoring track of historically searched data.

Right Information - Right Context - Right Time

Iliked how aids a user in making a real-time personalization booking system which serves the response within 500 ms. The neatly marked with subtle border lines Check-in and Check out fields are presented with a call to action simplified buttons. Selecting a date from a calendar dropdown usually takes more time than just selecting a number from dropdown. So instead of filling both checks in and check out dates, here simply select check-in date and insert the number of nights and thereby checkout date is seamlessly filled saving users time and energy.

The check-in & check-out dates are one set and Rooms is another set. The neatly organized and cleverly designed border lines for Rooms, no. of adults & no. of children is a subset marked by dotted line so that result page reflects right information in right context taking minimal time.

Makemytrip can serve up to 3,00,000 requests per second in each DC with 3 nodes with 99%ile latency of under 10ms so as to store the required information at a user level.

Thus by leveraging their years of travel booking experience, accounting user preferences and study of search history make the user experience asimple, straightforward and seamless one!