Why Are You Unhappy? Define Your Own Happiness.

Shivam Sahil
Jun 01, 2019   •  61 views

In the end, it doesn't matter what we have or what we carry with ourselves. It's just how much we are satisfied and in peace. Our generation is getting busier and unhappy faces can easily be spotted. Then what is the worst part? We all try to live in a future which may or may not come. All our childhood gets dissolved in a competitive environment. We have been invariably taught to fight for everything. Instead of living the kind of life we always wanted, we end up fighting for something which is never going to end.

Finally, there are two types of people in this picture. One who compromise their so-called happiness for their success and the others who undertake the opposite way. People start tagging and blaming each other. The first kind of people think they should live in the moment and the second ones follow the principle: "Work today! Enjoy tomorrow."

But according to me, none of them seems to be wrong. Both sides have their perspectives. Happiness cannot be an absolute term. What is valid for me may not be the same for you. You are living a completely different life than mine then how can we have the same terms when it comes to happiness. Our domain of operations is different. Our living environment was different. Infact our maturity levels can be diverse. Whatever the world seems to be through your eyes might not be sighted through mine.

Here comes the role of society. Like everyone here, you and I are also social beings. And if we want to live peacefully, we must operate under its norms. And so we are forced to attach our strings of happiness to that of society. We have to change any of the existing or upcoming definitions of happiness with the one predefined by society. Why we have to do that? Is it society which is responsible for our well-being? Or is it society who does anything to shape our present or future? It's all us. Whatever we do next or whatever we go through, everything totally depends on our own actions.

If a person pursues anything even if it means struggling then let them do. It may seem boring and still kind of life in your eyes but it actually makes them happy. On the contrary, you should not try more than advising someone about their life. It may seem to you as if they are wasting time but the time one loves wasting is not actually the wasted time.

No matter whatever we are going through, or whatever battles we are part of. We can still choose to be happy if we wish to. It's all in our head we should stop getting affected by society and don't let them define our own happiness for which it's totally us who is responsible. We should define our own happiness and live our lives accordingly.

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