Science and technology are evergreening since the beginning of this new era. We see advancements in almost every single device we carry with ourselves. The world is fully connected moreover it is super easy to deliver your ideas and innovations through social platforms.

We are progressing to a generation where almost every complicated and time-consuming tasks would be automated. Robots have played a significant role in all kind of industries. The same goes for the medical and healthcare industry. High computational languages and deep learning models are helping in detection of deadly diseases, the assistance of complex operations and what not.

These robots are collectively working together towards a better human race. As a responsible citizen of the country, we should motivate and support these kinds of schemes. Saving time and capital hasn't been easier before. Errors are easily detected and rectified. Robots can play an influential role in the development of our country. Unlike other prominent countries, India still needs to advance more when it comes to Robotics. But why robots are so important? And how can they be a blessing to any nation? Let's dive deeper and find it out.

Robots can operate at a variety of working conditions where humans don't stand a chance. Whether it be extreme conditions or hazardous environments, robots can take them well. Several space agencies like ISRO and NASA have been sending robotic based devices continuously to explore Mars and interstellar space.

Precision and consistency have never been better. Robots offer excellent accuracy and consistency. All one needs to do is power them and program their movement followed by feeding it to their processors.

Handling heavy and light load is very convenient with robots. One can either automate the process or manually control them using a control depending upon the complexity of the task. They are exceptionally well in handling heavy loads, toxic substances and repetitive tasks.

Robots have been assisting people with their issues. Physically challenged people have a nursing bot. Those with amputated arms or legs have bionic and artificial limbs and so much.

Amazon Alexa and google home have added a lot of value to the lives of people for better, assisting them with everyday chores and helping them cope up with their busy schedule and life.

Robots can make lives a lot better for humans. All we need is to operate them carefully without touching the greys. They can make things better if taken proper care of whereas every coin has a flip side.

Image Source: Google Images