Human D N A And Its Facts That Will Shock You Totally!

Shivam Sahil
May 31, 2019   •  37 views

I am sure everyone is well aware of what is DNA and how things go within our body with time. All the genetic information, everything about the evolution and much more DNA covers it all. Let's dive a bit deeper into this and explore some amazing things about human DNA.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a genetic material which tells us about requirements to develop, live and reproduce. These information are also known as genetic information and are embedded within each cell of the body and passed to the offspring from the parents during the time of their birth.

Many small units, known as nucleotides make up the structural DNA. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate, a sugar and a nitrogen group as well. There are some nitrogen bases involved in the construction of DNA and are commonly known as adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G) and Cytosine (C). The order of these bases helps in knowing and decoding the genetic information of a person. Human DNA has up to 3 billion bases and almost more than ninety-nine per cent of those are totally identical for every other human being. In fact, we have almost ninety-five per cent and above share of our DNA with chimpanzees as well.

The way alphabets in a word can totally redefine the meaning of a word, the same happens with DNA, where the sequence of these bases form genes. Which in the language of cells tells about the synthesis of protein molecules. RNA which is commonly known as ribonucleic acid translates the DNA coding into proteins.

These nucleotides are bonded together to form long strands that spiral around and extend to create the structure what we know as double-helical DNA structure. These DNA molecules are so long to be fitted directly lengthwise into the body and so they are ring packaged into one another to properly embed up into the cells.

Humans and Bananas share about fifty percent of their total DNA as identical.

A single gram of DNA is capable of holding 700 terabytes of data. For better contrast, two grams of DNA can actually store entire digital information of the world ever created!

According to genetic scientists, during the entire period of human evolution about five hundred ten DNA codes have been lost!

DNA is so crucial part of the human body that it exists in almost every cell of the body. Even a single hair is enough to retrieve your DNA.

Each DNA strand is almost 1.8 meters long that is about an average fully grown adult man and it is squeezed to about just 0.09 micrometers!

Unwinding all the DNA strands and spreading it across can go up to about 10 million miles which is a round trip from the earth to Pluto!

Image Source: Google Images