How Aircraft Industry Can Boom Indian Manufacturing Sector?

Shivam Sahil
Jun 01, 2019   •  39 views

Aircraft has changed the lives of people for better. To move between two extreme corners of the world is just about a matter of days. Earlier it used to be months.

From the very first aircraft invented by Wright brothers to the passenger airlines today, there's been a tremendous difference between the two. These aircraft are so complicated to fabricate that despite all kinds of advancements in science and technology, we only have a few aviation industries all around the globe. But why is it so? Let's find out.

Manufacturing an aircraft is way more complicated than a car, a bus or even a spacecraft. You all must be knowing about ISRO, a well-established aerospace industry. It has produced numerous spacecraft and satellites for Moon and Martian exploration. When it comes to fabricating passenger airlines, the complexities can go up to skies. Fuel consumption, robustness, rigidity and multiple other determinants come into the picture. Very complex geometries are developed to assure performance and durability. Since raw materials and resource, requirement adds a lot to the expenses the government don't want to risk their money to spend on an airline manufacturing initiative.

The production is so risky that even a country like China is getting started with the airline manufacturing Industry. No doubt there are so many risks involved with this. But once the industry begins expanding, we can extract so much out of it. The employment rates can rise to a very high level. The mechanical engineers who end up being unemployed or mass recruited into IT industries will get better opportunities to work in their domains. All that money invested expensively on buying and maintenance of airlines could be brought back to our country.

Not just this, the process of establishment of sub-departments related to this sector can also boom out other manufacturing industries which need to produce complex and intricate parts.

This process will motivate the growth and development of manufacturing sectors in India. These aircraft production units can also play an influential role in defence development of India. Technology can go to the next level by bringing this up. Further, not just manufacturing but the service sector and primary sector will also boom as airline industries sail in all three rivers. Hence if we dare to achieve and take this risk, doesn't matter even if we fail. As Albert Einstien has said:

If you never made any mistakes, then you're not trying anything new.

Slowly things can change for the better. Once we get good enough grip and hands-on experience with this which we already have as engineers are working every day in aircraft maintenance units of AirIndia, this could lead to an Industrial revolution in India.

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