Effects Of Mobile Games On Youngsters

Shilpa Mishra
Jul 06, 2019   •  2800 views

Technology has advanced to such an extent that it has made the human life much more easier and interesting as well. One such example is gaming industry, which is emerging with an incredible rate. From playing in play stations, x box now mobile phones are proved to be one such source of providing this entertainment especially to youngsters. Youth nowadays prefer playing games on mobiles which serves as a great distraction to them from their daily routine. apart from all the benefits, there are more of the negative effects of mobile games on a child or youth.

Mobile games has not only hampered the physical growth of a child but has also kept him unaware of the realities of the world. Because of the trending technologies being added to these games like, facial recognisatin, visual effects, gestures etc , youth are more attracted to such features which obviously tend to addict them to these games. If taking into consideration the negative effects of moble games, it is important to mention the violence they contain. As all sorts of games like shooting, kicking, killing, stabbing etc are involved in these games, youth are more prone to adopt these emotions in real life like aggressive thoughts or behaviours, anxiety etc . not only this, since child spend more time on these games, this also effect their studies and from other outdoor activities which are necessary for them both in terms of physical and mental development.

Games like PUBG, Clash Of Clans, Pokemon go etc are alluring youth through their day to day advancement in graphics and gestures and they are giving more priority to these games as compared to other activities. Health issues like weight gain, laziness, vision problem also occur in tees because of the overuse of electronic devices. Not to mention, it has also affected the relationships, as youth are so lost on their mobile palying games that now they do not prefer spending time with their families nad close ones. The addiction to these games are as powerful as addiction to gambling which ultimately lead to dangerous effects and are problematic. One cannot forget the example of Blue Whale challenge that was spread in the world and had taken the life of around 130 tees across the seas as well. The "Suicide game" as it was called encouraged the youth to kill themselves.

Mobile or onlinegames can be very detrimental to ones social, emotional and health life . It is important for elders and parents to impart the knowledge of harmful effects of these games to their children. Theyshould be well aware of the negative impacts of the addiction towards these games. Even if they are playing, there should be a time limit in order to save them from affecting their health. Encourage them to take part in other sportsso thatthey can find something else to do instead of sticking to these games. Thus , it isof utmost importance to manage the usuage of electromic devices and mobile games so that a child can focus more on the real world challenges .