In today’s world, networking or friend making is a completely different experience compared to what it used to be many years ago. It is so easy today to communicate people not only near from you, but around the world. Nowadays, we can make a lot of new friends using some of the online tools that will let us communicate without spending much time!

Every day people are getting into these apps and make use of it to interact with each other.

Here, there are some best apps to make new friends-

1.Patook (

Patook App is one of most popular app for making friends. It uses a simple technique to find and look for friends. It search friends according to age, interests, opinions and also values. It is also have capacity to know new people who are from around the world at any distance. This app gives us the opportunity to meet someone with the same interests than you have is the best thing it could ever happen to anyone, in order to find a great friendship!

2.Badoo (

To get in touch with new people, this is one of the oldest app. This app is free- no need to spend money for chatting or other purposes. This app has a very fascinating fact and it is that you will be able to see who you’ve bumped into in real life.

You can be close to someone you would like to meet and it will be much easier to get in touch with your new friends.

3.MeetUp (

This is much successful app for making new friends. This app is often used to ensure that the person using it will finally meet the person they’re talking to.

It allows you to find people in your vicinity. So that we can make plans to go outside with them. Moreover, this app has an integrated message bearer that will take care to maintain contact.


Skout is one of the best apps to help people meet others. If you want to cross borders then this platform will allow you to connect and meet people close to you or around the world.

You can login this app by using your Google or Facebook account. And the app is free for everyone, no one need to pay for it. Like facebook, you are able to chat with your friends. Depending on where you live, your age, your status make the new friends.

It is a goog exercise to spend your free time knowing new folks and increasing your network of friends. It also allows you to pick the person who you want to chat or decline a message.

5.Peoplehunt (

This app is meant for them who prefer to meet only one person and not a group. It connects people with same interests . So that one will have the opportunity to meet someone with whom he/ she can share and talk about common interests.

This is an I-phone app. You can sign in to the app with a simple click and linking your Facebook account and then the remaining process- about yourself.