Oakley Sunglasses And Reasons To Buy Them

Shaunak Dam
Jun 19, 2019   •  69 views

Oakley sunglasses are synonymous with luxury and sports eyewear. In the beginning it was considered that Oakley glasses are used for dictating fashion, it is true that the sunglasses are a fashion statement but in reality it is more than only about fashion. Oakley glasses have various safety features which makes is one the most selling and trusted brands in the world, and due to its safety features it is widely used by the sportsman all over the world. Oakley glasses are the perfect blend of safety glasses and sunglasses, it provides an all round protection to the eyes from external damages and also protects them from harmful solar rays. Oakley glasses are very expensive, there are many price ranges but the starting price is Rs 6000 and it can go up to Rs 15000. Whereas the replica Oakley sunglasses and fake Oakley’s are cheap.

Quality of Oakley Sunglasses

The sunglasses are made with the help of unparalleled technology and research which has provided it with 3-point balanced frames which brings stability, comfort and high optical alignment. High definition optical lens are used in the Oakley sunglasses. The Oakley sunglasses go through a high velocity impact test by ANSI which they pass with flying colors. As the sunglasses are a style statement and used by many sports personalities and also Hollywood stars so there are many color options among the lens and the frames. There are also SwitchLock glasses which allow the user to change the glasses or the lens quickly and provide maximum visibility in different situations. Sunglasses are also available in iridium and polarized lenses. The style of the Oakley glasses is unique which suits both women and men. There are different activity specific glasses produced by Oakley. Example, Jacket line glasses are good for tennis players, Radar range glasses are very useful of golfers.Radar XL Blades are useful for baseball players as well as for tri-athletes.

Protective Features

Oakley glasses are known for its protective features. The 3-pints frame contributes in sharp vision and they eliminate all the pressures points that come in the ordinary frames.The high definition optic glasses provides sharper and clear image, it also prevents moisture or dust to stick on the lens. The lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC ray which are harmful for eyes. The polarized lenses eliminate all the bouncing glares which come from different surfaces and the iridium coating reduces light waves. This feature has made Oakley sunglasses good for sports. Some glasses are provided with hydrophobic coating which prevents sweat and rain buildup on the lenses. The coating also maintains a smudge resistant barricade against skin oil, sunscreens, and lotions. XYZ Optics are used in the glasses which extends the clarity throughout the lens contours which opens peripheral vision and also improves side protection from sun, wind, and also from hitting impacts on the glasses. The replica Oakley glasses and fake Oakleys are cheap hence it would not be able to provide these protective features but can deliver the fashion statement in it.Famous players like Virat Kohli, Joe Root and many others wear these Oakley sunglasses.