Gujarat is a very colorful state of India and is also one of the most developed states of India. It is located in western India and covers an area of 196,024 square kilometers. Gujarat have the fertile land in southern part that is divided by rivers, mountains in the western part and the mudflats which is present in the northern parts which adjoins Thar Desert. Gujarat is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi - the father of the nation. Gujarat was also the part of great Mauryan kingdom during 3rd century BC ruled by King Ashoka. After independence Gujarat was a part of the Bombay state, in 1960 Bombay state was divided and Gujarat was formed that comprised of the western and northern areas dominated by Gujarati speaking people. Gujarat is a very important tourist destination in India.

Attractions and Architecture

The Lothal city in Gujarat consist of some unparalleled sites of the ancient and great Harappan civilization - which is one of the well knonwn civilizations in the world. The largest city of Gujarat is Ahmedabad which offers the unique examples of Indo-Sarcenic architectures. Palitana is a well known town situated in Bhavnagar district have some marvelous temples built in Jain styles. In Junagadh there are some ancient Buddhist caves and Rajput architecture which is spread throughout Gujarat.

Ahmedabad has famous museums of India that includes Calico textile Museum which is the finest textile museum in the world. The beautiful walled city of Ahmedabad is the testimony of its rich and glorious heritage of the crafts as the women walk by in the splendid dazzling embroidered clothes & in flashing ethnic silver jewellery. The traditional city of Ahmedabad contains the mosques of the higly inspired workmanship, the elegant wooden Jain temples and the unique step wells & the homes which contains ornately carved balconies of wood and wooden window screens. The beaches in Gujarat are the loveliest. The state is well gifted with those beaches and among those beaches Ahmedpur Mandvi is the most popular one and the main attraction of it is the ethnic beach resort. While ralaxing at beaches, tourists can have exotic vacations accompanied with bird watching and the beautiful cultural tour.


Gujarat a has rich wildlife and bird species. It is considered as the paradise for wildlife lovers. The state is the home of highly endangered and royal Asian lion found at Gir National Park, the wild ass at Little Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary and the Indian bustard. Tourists can also find the four horned antelope which is known as Chowsingha. In Gujarat there are many birds sanctuaries spread throughout the state and have beautiful maritime park.

Religious Connections

Gujarat is a very important place for the pilgrims all over the world. Dwarka is one of the most sacred or holy places for Hindus and consist of an important place in the history associated with Lord Krishna. Somnath temple in Gujarat has one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Apart of these temples Gujarat has world famous Modhera Sun temple and various other Hindu and Jain temples.