Goa is one of the famous and best beach destinations in the entire world. Presently Goa tourism is growing and extending at a huge pace, the credit for this growth goes to the tourism department who worked hard to carry the promotional events. Growth in tourism has also caused growth in the industrial sector of Goa, but the livelihood of the population mainly depends on tourism. Goa is all about beaches, the beaches form a straight costal stretch which is interrupted by the three rivers. Northern Goa is more famous than southern part of Goa; this is because of the entertainment quotient, and frequent moonlight beach parties. Vagator, Baga, Anjuna, Calangute, Dona Paula and Miramar are some famous beaches in Goa. Water sports are another kind of attraction for which Goa is famous for, the water sports include water skiing, Para sailing, and speed boating and fishing. Food is one of the important parts of Goa tour.

Cuisine in Goa

Goa has cosmopolitan culture where Indian, Portuguese and Konkanese cultures have combined together to form a beautiful and wonderful mix, and these phenomenon is very much visible in Goan cuisine. Beach shacks offer a wide variety of Goan food to the tourists. The exquisite Goan cuisine includes Pork Vindaloo, Galinha com Coentro, Galinha Cafreal Sambharachi Koddi and famous Goan fish curry. Feni is a local drink available in Goa; it is advised to the tourists that they should not miss Feni when they are in Goa.

Main Attractions

The main attraction of Goa is the festivals. The major and famous festivals held in Goa are Easter, Holi, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid and Diwali. Carnival is another big event that is held in Goa, it is held during the month of February. It is very beautiful and brings out the vibrant glory and the beauty of Goa. Goa has good number of accommodations so the tourists do not have any problem; it has wide range of luxurious resorts and beachside huts. Panji, Margoa and Mapusa, these are the main cities in Goa where many hotels are available for the tourists. There are many beautiful places for sightseeing in Goa, these places involves famous churches, temples and forts. The Basilica of Jesus is famous in the world for their religious and historic significance. Other than these there are wildlife sanctuaries and other beautiful spots like Dudhsagar waterfalls. Goa is a beautiful place to visit and it is suggested to every person that they should visit Goa at least once in their life.



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