Data science includes domains like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning and many more. Data science is a huge field which covers a lot of domains under it. In this article I will discuss more about the three above mentioned topics.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the field of study which offers the computer with the capability or ability to learn from experiences without being programmed explicitly.It gives any computer the ability to learn from its experiences. Let us talk about how machine learning works. It gathers data in the form of text file, image, excel files, audio files and learn those data. Data processing is also done when a raw form of data needs to be rectified. It builds up suitable model and proper algorithms and learns from them. There are many applications of machine learning. It is used in the web search engines, the engines run so well because it has learned the ways to rank pages through complicated learning algorithms. Machine learning also used in photo tagging applications, it provide any social media to tag people on any picture, this is because of a face recognition algorithm that runs behind the application. Machine learning can be also used for spam detecting purposes. This is done by the spam classifier running in the background.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to that intelligence that is displayed by the machines which stimulate human intelligence. There are types of artificial intelligence. Reactive machines, this type of AI systems are mainly reactive; they do not have the ability to access the memories or past experiences to make their current decisions. Limited memory is another type of AI, the system uses past experience to make the present decisions. Self awareness is another type of AI; These AI systems have their own consciousness. It can understand their present state and can use the information to take current decision. There are many applications of AI, it is used in health care, e.g., AI systems are used to make faster and better diagnoses of patients, and this system is efficient and more accurate than human. AI is also used in education; it is used in the grading system. In present days there are automobiles that run by⁷ using artificial intelligence. There are sensors in the automobile which share the information with the system and the decisions are taken according to it.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a broader concept of all machine learning processes which is based on learning or studying data representations, opposed to algorithms which are task specific. Deep learning methods mostly use neural network architectures. Deep learning is highly trained by using huge sets of data which are labeled and neural architectures that learns specifically from the given data without any manual extraction. Convolutional neural network (CNN) is one of the well known deep neural networks. It eliminates the need for manual e feature extraction; it works by extracting the features directly from the data. Deep learning is basically a specialized form of machine learning.