Assam is a very beautiful state which boasts about its huge varieties of natural attractions, the state is gifted with scenic natural beauty and is famous for it. The state has almost every possible thing to enchant a tourist, which includes gorgeous greenery, dense forests, spectacular landscapes, aromatic tea gardens and rich flora and fauna. Due to hospitality and fascinating attractions, Assam tourism has flourished in the present day. Now I will discuss about the specialty and attractions of Assam.

Cities and Tea Gardens

Visit to the beautiful cities in Assam allows the person to experience the ancient tradition and the rich culture of the state. The natural beauty of these cities attracts visitors from all over the world and makes them come again and again. There are many fascinating attractions in the cities that can mesmerize the visitors. The famous cities of Assam include Guwahati, Haflong, Digboi, Umrangso, and Sibsagar. Tea gardens are one of the main attractions of Assam. These tea gardens produce best quality and aromatic tea which is famous in the entire world. These tea gardens produce different types of tea like black green and white tea. The visitors can stroll around the tea gardens which offer a beautiful surrounding. Visiting Assam in the month of November will allow the visitor to experience the Tea festival.

Festivals and Wildlife

Assam is the land festivals and fair. The harmony among various cultures is reflected through the festivals. The festivals reflect the spirit, lifestyle and traditions of Assam. Some popular festivals are Bihu dance, Elephant festival, Rangoli Festival, Brahmaputra festival, and Majuli festival. Assam has a rich verity of wildlife. Some of the rare wildlife species include golden langur, swamp deer, gangetic dolphins, hispid hare, hoolock gibbon, white winged wood duck and many more. Kaziranga National park is one of the famous wildlife reserves in Assam where one horned rhinos are found.


Assam has many old and ancient temples which reflect the rich variety of architectural splendor of the t state.Other than the religious significance, the temples attracts tourist from all over the world for showcasing the rich culture of Assam. The Kamakhya temples, Ugratara temple, Navagraha temple, Hermitage of Vasistha are some famous temples of Assam.

River Cruise at Brahmaputra

The place offers ample opportunities for the adventure lovers to enjoy. They can set out for an interesting and fun-filled river cruise on Brahmaputra. It is one of the important rivers in the world. The highlights of the cruise are visiting to villages and handicraft workshop, wildlife safaris and much more