Do you ever fear this word? Get an irritation on hearing about it? If yes then why? It is a simple term which the Oxford Dictionary explains as a movement supporting equal rights for women.

We are aware about the past happenings and the treatments given to women. Forget about the world, consider our own nation. Even we saw the worst in the form of Sati practice, female infanticide, Dowry and what not. A big thank you to the leaders of that era who tirelessly worked to improve their condition. After independence did the scenario change? Well to some extent yes. Women are standing out, achieving their goals, making their parents proud but still has the mindset of people changed completely?

Still, in many sections of our country, a number of restrictions are imposed upon them. They are deprived of family support and social evils, what to say about them? Every day, we come across a number of stories of sexual harassment be at home or at workplace, rapes, assaults, acid attacks, domestic violence and what not to include in the ever-increasing list. It isn't the case that the Judiciary is not at its proper place. Yes it does its work but one thing is certain that we do witness low conviction rates. Cases get stretched long and so, it gets difficult for the victim. What can be done over this?

Starting from the root cause - right from a tender age, parents must teach their boys the way of conduct towards the female community. They must be told to respect them, honour them. Must be taught that a woman isn't a piece of cake to be grabbed. She is a beautiful creation of God to be respected and supported. Even the female community needs to stop playing the victim card. I am not generalizing this term but portraying themselves as victims would do nothing but gather mere sympathy. Rather, they need to stand out and be Fearless. A woman needs to support a woman and a man, if he really wants to be called a one, must respect a woman.

Feminism never meant demeaning the masculine gender. The term always stood for equality. It is the need of hour to have a combined approach to empower women in true sense. Remember it is not necessary to be a brother or a partner so as to protect a female from the evil. She is strong enough to safeguard herself. If a woman can bear a labour - pain, then trust me, she can do anything, literally anything! The masculine gender only needs to be compassionate enough and supportive. Then see how the feminine gender achieve milestones!