Perspective Differs But Matters!

Shardul Chawhan
Apr 15, 2019   •  43 views

We had heard in our school-days that a same coin has got two sides. Similarly, in life we have got two different sides - one which we see and the other which gets hidden in our two-dimensional vision. A perspective is a particular attitude towards something or say a point of view. One's perspective is the way he sees something say your perspective is the way you see the world. It isn't necessary that someone else would also see the same details.

Putting yourself in others perspective changes the perception of life. Thus, one needs to stop thinking negative. We recognise that what we look for is what we tend to see. So be positive. The key to successful relationship lies only in the ability to take the perspective of another. You look at a situation and feel you are stuck. You feel you are left with no doors open. Now that's your perspective. When you broaden your horizons and seek someone's help, you might get another outlook to the same situation.

Consider you had a fight with your friend. Something happened and you took it in a different direction. You got offended. Now unless you put yourself in your friend's shoes, you won't understand his point of view. Difference in perspective might lead to misunderstanding, but then it is very important to understand the same situation from someone else's point of view. At times you need a fresh perspective to see the flaws within you.

Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Recently I came across a beautiful tiny tale. It said - I gave you $20 she gave you $50. You felt that she was better because she gave you more but you forgot she had $500 and I had $40.

The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. Remember a positive perspective in life gives you positive results. It is the perception of our reality that governs the perspective towards our life.