Friendship has always been a pure bond - a bond where we open up our hearts without any worry or any fear of judgement. At times some misunderstandings occur which lead to a wall in between two friends, eventually ending up their friendship. Even the best of friendships can fall apart due to a tiny misunderstanding.

You lose your friend and that's when you realize their importance, their place in your life. You understand that friendship was never an agreement. It always featured the qualities of loyalty, trust, honesty. It does hurt when you lose your friend but even lost friendships teach you lessons. As you grow older, your pool of friends gets smaller. You start limiting yourself to a very few people, and thus lessen up the number of friends you had. Parents always advised to keep a few but genuine friends. You realize they weren't wrong. As you grow in experiences, you get to know that whom you considered your friends weren't actually the ones. But have you given a thought that if they weren't there, you wouldn't have been a better individual at choosing friends. Their brief stay in your life gave you a lesson.

One can always rely on this statement - The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wonder. But this doesn't imply that there was no relevance of the friends you lost. Okay so, you lost friendships you had for a good time span, but you haven't lost the capacity to move forward. Remember Karma? Yes! You take the good things, the lessons you learnt and walk ahead. Let Karma decide what to do if you suffered from any back bitching or likewise.

If you are not losing friends then maybe you are not growing up. Remember sometimes your circle decreases in size but increases in value. Quality always has an edge over quantity.



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