Finding Happiness In Little Things!

Shardul Chawhan
Apr 14, 2019   •  531 views

People try out so many permutations and combinations to figure out ways to be happy. But little do they realize that happiness lies in small things. People conclude that money plays an important role in pursuit of happiness. Okay no denying but then there are other things as well which keep you going,which makes you happy. When life does not go according to your plans, there are ways to find happiness even in the smallest details.

Expect less. Working towards a realistic goal is sure to cultivate happiness. Live in the present. Avoid being fixated on earlier failures.Be social and indulge. Connect to relevant people. Stop comparison and be you. If you like singing on top of your voice when having a bath, do so. If you like making weird faces on Snapchat filters, do it. Don't restrict yourself for what others would think. The more happy you are, the better you feel and the better you work.

Do what makes you feel good. Love music? Play it. Love writing? Do it. Love cooking? Cook something. Don't limit yourself in order to achieve something bigger. Of course that is your dream and don't let down yourself. But do not neglect the small happenings. Live them. Remember we all have one life. So live it to fullest. Smile more often. If you want to find happiness in your life, appreciate the small things. In your busy life, you need to have a break. Need to sit back and enjoy the sunset. Enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize that they were important.

Life becomes more beautiful once you start finding happiness in trivial things. You understand that life is good just that it puts you across some challenges. Being happy isn't about having everything in your life perfect. It's about stringing together all the little things. Brene Brown once said, “Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” It is high time we realize that Little Things do matter.