You pierce my soul, rupturing my all.
You intoxicate me
With your psychedelic spirit.
Oh! You've trapped me inside this maze,
Your entangled hair chokes me.

You awe me with your generosity sometimes.
My eyes contend when they meet yours.
Every warm touch makes me feel safe.
What is this feeling that masks all my pain
And excites me?

I'm suffocating.
I'm diseased.
Your love rots me from within;
I'm a withered leaf.
My dreams are nightmares without you
And my senses are fast asleep.

You hurt me to the core
Yet I need a lot more.
A hatred, deep-rooted, covered by the layers of love-
A rose decaying from inside
But still pretty from up above.



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Nissi Keerthi  •  1y  •  Reply
Nice poem