Technology has reached a tremendous height in this fast paced world, we all are attached to technology so much and it has become a part of our life. From starting the day till we go to bed at night, we are tightly attached to technology, from buying clothes to ordering foods, all are done in just one click. Moreover it has made us lazy in one way or the other. Technology has helped us a lot and also will keep helping us and make our lives easier. But one major question arises here is that are we using technology in a fruitful way? If not then, there will be a day when technology will rule us and it will be so devastating and we will be unable to fix it.

If we use technology for the good of others without harming the environment and use it in a positive way then it has no harm. But if we use it for the bad of society, thinking of destroying the nature then we are not far from getting ourselves to be the slave of technology. Remember robots cannot become our master and this thing is light years away from robots who will control us.

How to ensure that we don’t become the slave of technology? We teenagers are more attracted to newly developed device, gadgets and all other stuffs. Whenever we see ads of any new gadgets or smart phones we become adamant to get those devices. But we should always have a second thought that, will it affect our life badly, are we going to use it wisely and in fruitful way. If we are matured enough to think what is wrong and what is right then we can very well control the technologies and reduce our addiction.

So, I can very well say that technology has not affected us badly rather it has made our lives simple and more hassle free. Technology is being used every now and then. Technical inventions have only been helpful when it had fruitful result for the mass of the society not just for fun and negative stuffs. Like every coin has two sides technology has too, we should know our limits and the consequences so that it doesn’t harm others.

So, it is not bad until we know our limits, what is good and what is bad.

Share your views on what you all think about it.