Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

Shahanab Uddin
Jul 06, 2019   •  27 views

The growing technology cannot be told without mentioning about Artificial Intelligence, it narrows down two more important concepts that are machine learning and deep learning. It is very important to understand these two concepts to have a clear idea about Artificial Intelligence.

Talking about machine learning it is “Algorithms that parse data, learn from that data, and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions”. Example of machine learning algorithm is how Netflix understands based on our interests which show we will watch next. Machine learning does all the automated tasks from data security firms to finance. It manages all sorts of securities and performance is to amazing. Our future will totally be driven by Artificial Intelligance and for which need of machine learning is increasing day by day and it will bring a huge change in the world of technology.Machine learning includes a lot more complex coding but it fucntions well for the given set of codes and the outcome is also accurate.

Talking about deep learning it is just a part of machine learning. Technically the functions are similar to that of machine learning only the capabilities are different. Machine learning algorithms are better but they need some guidance. If an algorithm returns the result that is not predicted then the programmer has to individually fix the issue and make adjustments but with an deep learning algorithm it can well determine on its own that if a predication made is accurate or not.

Deep learning algorithm is designed such that it works with logic similar to how human brain draws any conclusion. It uses layer of algorithm called artificial neural network (ANN) and is inspired by the biological neural network of that of human brain. It is far more capable that those machine learning models. Deep learning is the backbone of Artificial Intelligence.

Google launched Google’s AlphaGo which was based on deep learning. It is a computer program that learned to play the game Go. This game is known for sharp intuition and intellect.

In a simple way machine learning uses algorithm to resolve the data given and learn from that data and to make use of the data that is learned whenever required. Whereas deep learning forms a structure of algorithms to create an artificial neural network and it has to make decisions on it own. It is a sub field of machine learning. More specifically the evoloved thing that will come after machine learning is deep learning as it can makeit's own accurate decisions without even getting any instructions from the programmer.