Google Stadia: Changing The Way You Game

Shahanab Uddin
Jun 19, 2019   •  6 views

With the advancing technology, the gaming industry has also changed and advanced alot, with realsitic graphics and with great performance. And in this era gaming has taken up the industry very fast and also attracting more gamers to try the new improved and amazing games.

So, when it comes to Google, the efforts and ideas put up by them is unbelievable. So with the Google Stadia, Google has come up with new concept towards gaming and for more realiability to take this gaming industry to new heights.

Stadia is a cloud gaming service, which provides gaming upto 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high dynamic range. The only need is high-speed internet connection. It can be accessed through Google Chrome browser mobile phones and tablets too. Most amazing thing about stadia is you donot require any additional computer hardware, players can start playing the game without downloading any content to their device. Players can also opt to stream and record their game onto youtube through Stadia. The Stadia connects directly via Wi-Fi to the Google datacenter where the game is running, for the better input latency.

Google Stadia has two subscription plans for users, one is free base level and the other is monthly subscription Pro level. The Pro level will be approximately US$10(Rs.700 approx.). During its GDC 2019 confirmation also made that the controller would support Google Assistant.

On the software end Google Stadia is built on Linux servers and Vulkan is their graphics API. Google Stadia has totally changed the way we game and also it has become the most awaited product of Google in 2019.

Google will launch its long-awaited Stadia, in November, the company has announced. It will be available in 14 countries including the UK, US and Ireland, but unfortunately not Australia or New Zealand. And let's see if India falls under those 14 countries or not. Stadia is called as the 'Netflix of games' as it gives access to library of games in the datacenter itself playing in the cloud and also the games are saved in the cloud itself, that's amazing. What else a gamer needs beside high-speed internet. Dedicated controller has been developed by Google for Stadia which is priced at US$69(Rs.5000 approx.) at launch. The console controllers has the same directional pad, four face buttons, two thumbsticks. The controller has the capability to connect over wireless connection, rather than the device so as to reduce latency.

I'm really excited to try this amazing device.

What are your views on it do share!