Going Cashless: Really Helped Us?

Shahanab Uddin
Jun 25, 2019   •  8 views

With the hitting of the demonetisation in all over India our Prime Minister took an initiative of going cashless. The idea of going cashless helped us in many ways by making our lives easier and making our transactions to different e-commerce sites and offline stores made easy. But many are left in huge confusion for those whose incomes are low and have problem in managing their daily allowances.

Going cashless is becoming the most preferred mode of transaction from buying clothes online to ordering foods and booking movie tickets all just happen at a single click through the smart phones or through card swipe. The digital transaction through digital wallets, net banking, credit cards etc. is called the mode of cashless transfer. Slowly everyone is moving towards becoming digital and making the motive ‘Go Cashless’ a successful one. Going cashless not only made our lives easier but also made transactions more authentic and reliable, also the support during any failed transactions is made very strong and so that user don’t face any issues for their refund. Going cashless would help us to curb corruption to some extent as the details of every transaction, the records are being stored in the database and whenever we need details we can gain access to it. Also the economic growth of India would increase the expenditure for printing and transportation of currency to different places would reduce. Though many of us chose to go cashless, but still there are some places where people don’t have proper education regarding it and also they don't know the benefits of going cashless, how they could be benefitted from it. If we take the initiative of reaching those areas and educating them about going cashless, half of the problem for money problems would reduce and also by introducing different schems for them will benefit a lot.

Going cashless would save our time, money, less cash related crimes. More transactions would help in the country’s economic growth, small store owners cannot charge more as sometimes due to the unavailability of change they don’t return the change, going cashless would solve this problem and exact amount for any commodity can be paid. The major problem that can be solved through going cashless would be that the fake notes that are being used by frauds could be stopped and small shopkeepers can be free from tension of fake notes. So going cashless would help us in many ways, we should use this initiative more frequently and make our lives easier.